A Week Full Of Nightmares for WMC (White Monopoly Capital)

The Political panorama of the country has seen its own twists and turns this week in true regards. Specially for the WMC and its allies, it was almost proved a big Nightmare.

It all started with the setbacks to Democratic Alliance/Economic Freedom Fighters (DAEFF) coalition in the metros and concluded with the defeat of Cyril Ramaphosa at the Johannesburg High Court last night.As per the report published on BlackOpinion Website

WMC Weekly Scams

Another leading agent of WMC, Pravin Gordhan has gone through a lot of trouble in the past week.. The HAWKS have reinitiated the case of the “rogue unit” and Gordhan was asked to submit an affidavit on the same. It is crystal clear by now, it was Gordhan who being a head of SARS he developed a Rogue  unit to counter attack  opponents and competition of WMC. The rogue unit also spied on state institutions like the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).He was no Less than a Mafia Gangster.

Even the other big stooges of WMC like Trevor Manuel and Jabu Moleketi have been included in the allegations. Both of them were asked by the HAWKS to submit affidavits. It is notable that at the time of the establishment of the rogue unit, Manuel was the Minister of Finance and Moleketi being his deputy. Manuel exploited the state coffers to fund the rogue unit and Moleketi did all the signatures in support. The Funding of the Unit has been objected but who did this is still a Mystery to be unfolded.

The week also brought bad news to WMC supported FNB with Black First Land First (BLF) taking up the struggle for justice of the #FNB4 (people rejected of their jobs for making public opinions about Racial Discrimination). BLF took forward a massive protest to the Head Quarters of FNB in Johannesburg. The protest was in support of a meeting which BLF had asked to have with the CEO of FNB, Jacques Celliers in a quest to seek justice for all four but the FNB ran away from the meeting instead and therefore  BLF protested and then shutdown the office block and the FNB branch at head office.

Noone is allowed for these types of Racial attacks on Blacks at any cost anywhere in the country!!

BLF shows that it won’t allow these types of Racial attacks on Blacks at any cost anywhere in the country and that’s why they did shut down all of the bank’s branches nationwide. Though, ABSA went to court in protest to the same afterwards

Another huge setback to WMC came with the cancellation of the elections in Kenya. It must be noted that Thabo Mbeki is another famous defender of WMC. Mbeki’s credentials hits its biggest low after the Kenyan High Court cancelled the presidential election which Mbeki had declared free and fair. Many critics agreed to the fact that Mbeki didn’t do his job but merely supported the strategy of the imperialist European Union. Mbeki ‘s dirty reality is down and out in front of everyone.

It was Further being reported that both Trevor Manuel and Pravin Gordhan were involved in corruptive acts during their regime in NT. The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) wants an answer from both of them in account of these allegations. The proofs are so evident that Manuel is trying to hide under Gordhan for all those wrong doings stating he as a finance minister was not accountable for these .The culprits along with Gordhan and Manuel must account for this act of state capture in support of WMC.

The Ultimate blow was suffered by the deputy president of the republic of South Africa and the presidential candidate of WMC, Cyril Ramaphosa. His fate seems likely to be decided based on the allegations of #RamaphosaLeaks. The Sunday Independent newspaper claimed to have number of  emails to expose his  romantic relationships with 8 women. Though, Ramaphosa tried to stop the paper from publishing the stories by filing a petition in high court but lost the matter with costs. The newspaper will be publishing the stories today.

The EFF leader Julius Malema tried to defend Ramaphosa by trying to give fire to the claim that the emails are a smear campaign linked to the ANC elective conference. But a smear can be called a smear if only, its based on fake stories and not proven facts. The #RamaphosaLeaks also exposes the dual standards of the white owned media. These are the same people who called #GuptaLeaks as fact but are now marketing the fact that the #RamaphosaLeaks are not Legit and a violation of privacy. They never objected the same  on the so called #GuptaLeaks which have never been validated.

Ramaphosa has now been exposed big time as a Corrupt and Hypocrite person who often advises public to have “Safe Sex” but he himself does not follow the same on the other hand. Same is WMC who on one side criticize President Zuma for being married again but now must be feeling a dilemma in taking a stand against their own stooge. This proves the Dual standards of WMC and its allies which clearly prove that Prsident Zuma is way above and beyond than these dirty Hypocrites.

BLF has asked Ramaphosa to make a public apology and pay damages wherever required in return and also pay lobola. He didn’t take the accountability of the Marikana massacre caused due to him and now when it’s about his own personal life, he still playing the blame games.

The Resurgence of #Ramaphosaleaks has left WMC with no option other than to step back in publicizing Ramaphosa as the next presidential candidate and now they must look to find some other way to implement their colonial based economical plan with south Africa as they are without any other strong contender to put forward their “Sugar Coated” fake strategies in the name of Economical transformation.

The Coming weeks would be interesting in regards to the further developments on all the above mentioned cases and the true supporters of Radical Economical transformation shall now move forward with all the confidence in their quest to build a Better nation.

  • Silver King
  • Graciee

    The wmc lobbyists are what you call the scum on earth. They have no allegiance to any nation but only dollars and power, which they use to arm twist and influence the media.

  • Thabo Felix

    This serves these greedy lobbyists right. Their devious campaigns and unethical methods to grab control is coming back to haunt them.

  • Mapula Masilela

    Ramaphosa must go. We cannot see such a man gain such tremendous power in the country. His white backers need to step back too, now that their mask has fallen off and their hypocrisy exposed.

  • Vee Bamboo

    The best thing that could happen to this country has happened. The WMC have been given a scare and things are falling out of place for their devilish agendas. Their discriminatory and superior ways need to be eradicated asap.