ANC wins by-elections in WC, JHB and EC

Knocking its critics to the bottom, the African National Congress (ANC) won three out of five, by-elections held within the Western Cape, Gauteng, eastern Cape and Free State. The ANC (The African National Congress) unseated the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Bergrivier, Western Cape and preserved a ward in Ngqushwa, eastern Cape, with over eightieth votes. The ruling party retained an extremely contested ward within the city of Johannesburg, move down claims that it had been losing support on the bottom.

ANC wins

“The individuals of South Africa still demonstrate their overwhelming confidence in their movement,” ANC (The African National Congress) interpreter, Zizi Kodwa aforementioned in an exceeding statement.Opposition parties and also the white closely-held media are propagating the concept that the ANC is losing support amongst the individuals,

However, it’s won a variety of necessary by-elections this year.” Indeed, our strategy to reclaim political power within the Western Cape is slowly however sure enough yielding positive results. We all have a tendency to dare not to view as granted the arrogance as the individuals continue demonstrate within the movement. Ours is to redouble our efforts in delivering services to the individuals.

We import and thankful to our all volunteers, members and supporters World Health Organization continues to figure inexhaustible and ensured this decisive ending for the ANC(the African National Congress) and therefore the individuals,members,supporters of South Africa. we have a tendency to equally congratulate the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for, once again, delivering, free and honest elections,” Kodwa aforesaid.

  • Audery Ngobeni

    So all the fake news scams, all the smear campaigns finally did not pay off and the people’s champions won the ultimate battle. I congratulate the ANC on their recent victory and wish them all the best for their upcoming campaigns.

    • Thabo Felix

      haha…yeah the cowardly wmc campaigners and their bribed media both had to eat humble pie. Although they came all guns blazing with their accusations and allegations and smear campaigns, it was the righteous that prevailed in the end.

  • Khomotso Khotsa

    People know who is good for them, and it reflects in election ANC are people champion, Our people know how white paid media play people they are going to regret in future because we have great leader. Happy for ANC.

  • Thabo Felix

    This was bound to happen. The hypocrisy of the wmc has been revealed to the public and their old brainwashing ways are no longer working. Despite launching several malicious and slandering campaigns against the president in power, he continues to be the citizens’ choice.

    • Graciee

      this is good for us in the long run. While the white power tries to gain economic control through their corrupt ways and strategies, it is up to us, the citizens, to ignore their untrustworthy propaganda and stick to whom we trust and see as our leader.

  • Silver King

    lol. EC became a city.