Another Fake Chapter in the Book Titled “Lets Defame ANC” !

It’s a common saying that if a person gets blind due to high exposure towards light, he would see (even if he can’t) everything shiny wherever he goes, for the rest of his life.

The same case is happening in South Africa with #WMC and their stooges. Their blindness towards the ground facts has certainly left them flying in their own imaginative world and one thing is for sure, there is no light at this end of the tunnel.

Fake Chapter in South Africa

Facts have lost their reality. Journalism has turned into white extremism and what all they do now, is to make those big hues and cries about a certain issue.

They call ANC a party, which is taking the whole nation towards destruction, but literally ignores the fact that the same destruction’s is being validated by the whole nation as a bigger step towards Radical Economic Transformation and this certainly makes much more sense after seeing the ANC and President Zuma coming out victorious in the Vote of confidence call by the Opposition and also ANC’s victory in  the Ward election at Johannesburg recently. Do they have an answer to it? I certainly believe they don’t.

No country can tackle the demons of Inequality, Poverty and unemployment without taking their natives along. And ANC is doing just that since its inception into the political battleground of South Africa.

Since decades the whites were the only dominative power in almost every aspect of the country’s Political and financial landscape and its only after the Likes of Mandelas and Zumas came into the picture, the script of the nation’s destiny took a Positive twist and finally the blacks, the majority of the population got involved into different sectors like Media, Mining, Politics and many other aspects which are often termed as a Backbone of the Country’s Economy and this not only boosted the country’s Economical development but also gave employment to a large population which was left deprived of any role in any sector due to White Monopoly.

#WMCPaidMedia still alleges President Zuma and his ANC for their policies and decisions but they don’t really go into the in depth reality and that’s how they miss the whole point. Basic education to the kids, employment to the youths, equal distribution of income amongst the citizens are the basic requirements for a smoothly running developing economy and ANC is just on track to achieve all those taking along the interests of its people in mind.

Having said that, white media might still never agree to this and they certainly shouldn’t either as their bread and butter which is largely gets financed by their White Mafia chiefs is based on the simple fact of Defaming ANC and everything which comes in their support. They even went beyond limits to demean Bell Pottinger, a UK based PR firm, forgetting the simple fact that the task of a PR firm is to manage Public relations of a certain entity and that’s what they were doing.

Their efforts to bring down ANC’s image might never stop but one thing is loud and clear, ANC and President Zuma along with the support of masses should just concentrate on their vision to build a better and stronger South Africa.

“When someone throw stones on you, build a house out of those stones and don’t forget to thank the person later”! I think this sums up the whole situation.

  • Dlamini

    What WMC and its protectors had done for the nation, as there is nothing to say. No one could able to defame ANC as it gives best in protecting the economic condition of our country.


    Whatever white paid media can do, the truth always won the battle. They won’t get anything by spreading fake news as South Africans are now alert.

    • Audery Ngobeni

      Yes, I agree. Moreover, the South African people are never ungrateful to forget about the recent invite to S&P by the government, in order to eradicate the unemployment issue. That will great help the people.

  • Audery Ngobeni

    The funny thing is that these people who so boldly raise questions at the ANC forget to check their own integrity before commenting. The entire country knows the string of scandals by the EFF. And who can forget the disgraceful charges against WMC officials in 2015? The entire country is in support of ANC and these fake conspiracies are only helping their case.