#BlackMonday Turns a “Whites only” Affair In The End

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The recent murder of the farm workers in the country is now catching the people’s attention towards the issue. Whilst most of them are deeply concerned about them and their families, and others are just showcasing their opinion for the sake of it, but somewhere people are giving their opinion in a biased manner. Incidents which reported that the victims (consist of mostly the blacks) have been overshadowed by complete display of grief only for the White victims. Moreover, waiving of the old South African apartheid flag, jamming of highways and bearing weapons comes over as the main highlights of the protest which was supposed to be highlighting farm attacks.


It’s worth mentioning here that one-sided show of force by farmers was earlier expected to be a peaceful protest against the incident of attacks on farmers. In the words of TRSA spokesperson Kabelo Matlala,Why march only for one sector of society and exclude all other lives affected? Do the lives of blacks not count? Why must the emphasis be on white murder only and not all violent murder crimes reported in SA? The march has received overwhelming support from ultra-right and white supremacist groups like FF+, DA, Afriforum and others. And yet none of these groups have ever marched to stop all violent murder crimes in South Africa,”

In fact, during the march in Pretoria, a traffic officer was robbed of his service pistol, his cell phone and even had his patrol car keys thrown away by the farmers. The traffic officer further said they had asked to more traffic officers at the place, but only a few reported to the site as they were scared to go face to face with the farmers. Most of them were black, because the march clearly sums up as an anti-black protest. Moreover, one of the farmers was quoted saying that “We will block all the main roads until we are heard. People must know if they kill our farmers they will not eat pap. Enough is enough.”

The vital point to be specified is that the march was a part of the movement started in Cape Town called “Enough is Enough” in the wake of farmer Joubert Conradie murder on his farm, earlier this month. The group also confirmed that there have been 70 such fatal attacks on farmers since January. One of the farm workers in Boland Western Cape, Andre Jacobs, who has been there since last 30 years further said that “There are so many murders and children are being raped in these areas. We are not here today to only support the farmers; we are here for all of us who are affected by crime in the area. As farm workers, we are being murdered too”. It must be noted here that while there were no violent incidents reported in the Free State, black farmers confirmed that they didn’t have any idea about the march until they saw it in news and neither had they got any invites for the same. Moreover, African Farmers Association national secretary Aggrey Mahanja also said that the black farmers were also affected by farm attacks. “We are also farmers and these attacks also affect us. We need more police visibility in the rural areas.” On the other side AfriForum said that though it supported a peaceful protest but kept themselves away from those who were carrying the old South African flag as it didn’t want to create any political controversies out of the same.

Moreover, In Middelburg, Mpumalanga,a truck reportedly crashed into the March blockade causing a 13-vehicle pileup and also left 3 injured on the N4 highway. While most of the People have criticized the march citing the racist nature of it into the view, the White media is going gaga over it since past few days. On the other hand, Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa has also criticized the protest saying: “We strongly condemn the racism on display at the #BlackMonday protest with the brandishing of the apartheid flag. This is unacceptable.” Even BLF has quoted saying that it stands with farm workers, not the “racist violent land thieves”. “BLF calls on the government to protect farm workers and to expropriate the land of white farmers without compensation and make sure farm workers are prioritized,” BLF spokesperson Zanele Lwana said.

Article is in reference to http://www.thenewage.co.za/black-lives-do-not-count/

  • Keorapetse Mahlobo

    Whats the point of calling it a black Monday when No black native being involved there..Utter White Nonsense

    • Amose Moleli

      We must protest #WhiteFriday to give them a better response.

  • Drjoe Attatta

    An All “Whites” gathering in true terms. Dont know why they threatening, looting Black Policeman there? This must be stopped.

  • J Makamba

    I am dead sure White media would only cover their good sides and won’t even highlights the mess they have made around in the process.

  • Jeremia Africa

    They used to shoot rubber bullets on black protestors but in case of Whites they seeing everything with blind eyes.