BLF calls for Markus Jooste’s arrest amidst Financial Irregularities at Steinhoff

Corruption has always been the main tool used by WMC along with its supported factions till now, to loot South African resources and oppresses the blacks in the process to further push for their dominance in the country. The accounting irregularities at Steinhoff recently have exposed the true reality of Johann Rupert and his stooges. Moreover, BLF, the flag bearer for the rights of the blacks and common people in the country has now taken the guard one more time to confront WMC and Steinhoff for its dirty intentions. As per the article published on their website, they have further criticized all the other business groups for supporting Steinhoff and getting played under WMC’s hands by keeping mum on the same issue. The Excerpts from the article are as follows:

Markus Jooste Steinhoff Arrest

‘’The Steinhoff former CEO, Markus Jooste, has admitted unethical and corrupt activity. He is white, therefore the outrage is subdued. The white monopoly capital media hopes the matter will blow over and be forgotten in a few days, so that the lazy chorus against the Guptas can resume.

White corruption is always covered and conveniently forgotten. Black First Land First (BLF) will not allow that to happen anymore. Jooste must account and the best place for him is jail. Such a move will send a strong warning to white monopoly capital and will assist in curbing the looting and corruption that is prevalent in white owned companies.

BLF notes the silence from the usual loud crusaders against corruption: Save South Africa, Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), De Klerk Foundation, South African Council of Churches (SACC). BLF further notes the silence of individuals propped up by the media as crusaders against corruption such as Pravin Gordhan, Trevor Manuel and Magda Wierzycka.

The share price of Steinhoff fell by 59.3%, wiping out R116 billion in its market value. This is due to Jooste quitting as a result of fresh claims of accounting irregularities. Jooste can’t possibly have acted as a lone ranger. He must have roped in auditors and other rogue elements in the leadership of Steinhoff. Furthermore, it must be asked how long and how many times have these criminal activities been going on?

BLF waits to see not just mild statements of staged condemnation, but real action. BLF waits to see court applications by the fake anti-corruption agents demanding action against both Steinhoff and Jooste. BLF asks the likes of Eusebius Mckaiser, Redi Tlhabi, Peter Bruce and other known hired hands of white monopoly capital to show the same energy as when they pursue unverified claims of Gupta corruption.

White monopoly capital has been allowed to get away with murder. BLF will be getting advice from our lawyers to see if we can open a criminal case against Markus Jooste. White monopoly capital must be stopped now!”

It’s now a proven fact that the only purpose of WMC and its supported factions is to loot this country to solve their monetary purposes and not care about the well being of the common people and this country. They don’t even spare a thought about the common man’s small savings that they get deposited in the banks which are already under WMC influence. Therefore, the investigative agencies shall now make sure to bring every culprit under the scanner and punish them accordingly for their wrong doings. Moreover, the masses need to reject every stooge under WMC impact who are present at every level of society. Only then we all can expect this Rainbow nation to further flourish and prosper in the wake of Radical economic Transformation.

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