BLF confronts Peter Hain, on Corruption Probe issue

The Rainbow nation of South Africa has been the target of Colonists and all the imperialist powers from the west since ages. Even during the Apartheid era, its vast natural resources have been exploited in order to fulfill the business terms of all the traders, who came here from the western countries. Even now, a lot of them still exist within the country and running their motives from the backstage and we all know them as WMC. Moreover, Peter Hain’s, the British parliament member who raised the question in the parliament to start a probe against President Zuma by their authorities, has been criticized by the BLF as per a report published by them on their website. Following are the excerpts from the reports:

Peter Hain

Black First Land First (BLF) calls on the British Lord and colonialist, Peter Hain, to refrain from his evil scheme of regime change in South Africa. Britain failed dismally to stop the land revolution in Zimbabwe to save its kith and kin. Hain is terrified of the call for radical economic transformation, which is underpinned by the commitment to land expropriation without compensation. Hain’s agenda is to halt the land revolution in South Africa by targeting leaders that are believed to be standing up for a radical economic transformation.

The attack on South African sovereignty under the guise of fighting corruption is actually to avoid the emergence of a pro-radical economic transformation president in December. Hain is doing his dirty job to undermine Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma who may emerge as the incoming president of the ruling party. Hain wants Cyril Ramaphosa as president so that colonial looting can continue unabated. It must be remembered that Lonmin, the company which is responsible for the murdering of workers in Marikana, is a British firm which gave Ramaphosa shares.

BLF notes with sadness that Hain and the USA aggression has been invited and facilitated by opposition parties and pro-white monopoly capital elements inside the African National Congress (ANC). These people have sold South Africa to Britain and USA. Hain’s insults are calculated to measure the levels of resistance a coup may face. His actions are coordinated with those of the USA.

South Africa is facing another Anglo-American invasion to halt the march to radical economic transformation. BLF calls on both the USA and Britain to stay away from our country. We refuse to be colonized again. We don’t need your indifference. Africa shall find African solutions to African problems.

What we want from Britain and the USA is reparations for slavery and colonialism. Peter Hain must shut up and pay reparations now. Hain is not a friend of the black majority, he is a bloody colonialist.”

BLF, as always has taken the guard for the rights of the true natives of the country and this is what every supporter of the Radical economic transformation should do in order to save this country from any further disgrace from the western powers. The Country is well capable of deciding its own good and bad. Now it’s declared that any further interference from anyone, especially the supporters of WMC shall not at all be welcomed.
  • Arne Theunissen

    So where is the other side of the story. That is what reporting the facts entail.
    Representations from both sides.
    Why is it left to me to point out that the Lord in question has recommended an investigation into possible criminal activities by both Zuma and the Guptas.
    Beacuse you don’t include it, this becomes propaganda, not news. This kind of shit adds to the issues in this country.
    You defend blatant criminals, who are stealing from poor South Africans. You are the definition of corrupt hate monger.
    Fake news, you are reported.

  • Felleng Uzalo

    Peter hain is one more “Big daddy” in picture who loves to make his WMC puppets dance on his tunes whenever and wherever he wants.He should mind his own business in his own country with his own issues.

    • lasa

      Yeah.His country got their own issues to look after and all what he got is peeking into our internal affairs.

  • Jeremia Africa

    WMC must understand one thing..we got enough of them and his puppets.

  • zinathi

    Not suprising why white media is keeping mum on this issue as their own Boss is on role here seems like.

  • J Makamba

    People like Peter hain and Johan n Rupert are pure Disgrace to this Human world