BLF Members fell victim to Police Brutality Whilst Protest Against KPMG

WMC has always been known for his Dominance on the South African Politics and they often use this to oppress or influence anything against their interests across the country. Same was visible when BLF members were victimized to police brutality during their protest against KPMG yesterday. It was quite evident from the response given by the Police team that they were already instructed to use force against the BLF members and BLF has now decided to file a complaint against them in this regards as per a report published on their website. Following are the excerpts:

BLF Against KPMG

Today, 29 September 2017 at 13:00, Black First Land First (BLF) will open several criminal charges against members of the South African Police Services (SAPS) at the Hillbrow Police Station .Our movement had a successful peaceful march against the criminal conduct of KPMG yesterday in Johannesburg that concluded with us handing in our Memorandum of Demands to the auditing firm.

However, at the end of the march and while our members were inside a park in Braamfontein, the police started shooting at us with rubber bullets, suddenly and without warning. 27 members were shot, mostly at the back and at close rage, including the BLF President Andile Mngxitama and the Treasurer General Thandiswa Yaphi. Seven BLF members suffered serious bodily injuries and consequently had to be taken to hospital for medical attention.

Our members were shot after white policemen arrived in a private vehicle, being a blue BMW 320i, and instructed the police to open fire. We believe that these are agents of white monopoly capital which has captured the state. BLF is not surprised by the unprovoked attack on our movement. White monopoly capital is digging in and using everything and everyone in its power to try and break the momentum towards revolutionary outbreak.

BLF will also do the following:

  1. Demand the suspension from duty of the responsible police officers until the investigations are complete.
  2. Write a letter to the Minister of Police asking for action to be taken.
  3. Write to the Acting Police Commissioner to seek clarity on whether the police can shoot people with rubber bullets without good cause, without signaling a warning at peaceful demonstrators, and at close range.
  4. Lay a complaint of police brutality with the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).
  5. Consider instituting civil claims against the SAPS and the responsible police officers.

Criminal charges will be laid against the police under the following details:

Date: 29 September 2017 (today)

Time: 13:00

Venue: Hilbrow Police Station, 1 Clarendon Place, Hillbrow, Johannesburg

BLF has given KPMG seven days to respond to our memorandum, failing which BLF will institute further action against it. We will continue to expose and fight white monopoly capital corruption. At the same time, BLF will not allow the police to be used against our people.

BLF is more than determined to push the struggle for Radical Economic Transformation to its logical conclusion.”

While it’s a given that BLF were determined to question KPMG,the whole Saga has been wrongly depicted by the very own White media houses just to Delude people from the reality.

How Media suppressed the facts

The media has lied to the people of South Africa by suppressing the facts and marketing the lies instead. The whole saga where KPMG was forced to withdraw its report stating  Pravin Gordhan as a criminal has been suppressed. The media has published this as a connection between Guptas andKPMG. They even ignored the fact that it was Pravin Gordhan who has been quoted as a main culprit in the SARS “rogue” Unit report.

Pravin Gordhan is one of the WMC stooge who can often forcefully suppress any voice against him. Its worth mentioning here that The editor of the Sunday Times who exposed the “Rogue” unit was fired. The journalists who worked on the story were forced to abandon it  (Piet Rampedi refused to support the lie and was pushed out of the Sunday Times). It was Johann Rupert who then used his influence to  Sunday Times and it has now become an agent to act as a cover over the corruption of white monopoly capital and a tool of forcing those who support radical economic transformation.

The media knew that all the reports points towards same conclusion that the rogue unit by Pravin Gordhan was illegal and it just acts a a mere stooge of WMC. The KPMG report was quite legit but that has to be withdrawn as it states Gordhan,the WMC beloved as the Culprit.

Pravin Gordhan: The Corruption King

Pravin Gordhan, the so called ‘innocent” in the words of White Media, presided over R4.3 billion corruption at Treasury. As per the Internal report of the agency, More than R4 billion has been reported unaccounted for under “Mr Clean” Pravin Gordhan. Even when Pravin Gordhan was Minister of Finance he gave his own daughter a tender of R10 million at Treasury. President zuma should be thanked for taking him off as the Finance minister.

KPMG and its Political Connections

KPMG was often involved in using their political influence while making bogus investigations to get political leaders it doesn’t want, locked up or discredited. The same KPMG was hired by Advocate Thuli Madonsela, the former Public Protector, to investigate part of her report on state capture. KPMG made sure that the report targets black people like Brian Molefe and Oakbay, but cover up all the massive corruption by white monopoly capital such as Anglo American and Exarro at Eskom.It should be said to them as they withdraw their report against gordhan, they shall also withdraw their report on the investigation they did for Advocate Thuli Madonsela. The meeting between Pravin Gordhan and the leadership of KPMG is the clearest indication of this collaboration for regime change.

Moreover, KPMG was involved in following crimes :

  1. KPMG was involved in facilitating the theft of R26 billion from the Reserve bank to benefiting (ABSA, Johann Rupert, Daimler Chrysler, Nedbank, Armscor).
  2. KPMG got Jackie Selebi jailed.
  3. KPMG concocted the 783 charges against President Jacob Zuma.
  4. KPMG is the main auditor of many municipalities where it undermines service delivery.
  5. KPMG is now involved in covering up the capture of the South African Revenue Services (SARS) by white monopoly capital.
  6. KPMG is used to attacking anyone who is for radical economic transformation.
  7. KPMG helped Investec loot R2 billion from Brett Kebble

Moreover In 2015, Nose Week reported as follows:

“KPMG, Investec’s long-term auditors, were appointed, of course, as auditors of both JCI and Randgold, just after Kebble was dispatched. Under the expert management of Investec and KPMG, Randgold delayed for years the disclosure of … forensic reports which, in any event, were released in carefully redacted form to heavily downplay the role of Investec.

As auditors at JCI and Randgold, KPMG has scored fees of R91m over the past decade. JCI and Randgold have, in addition, together paid nearly R100m to KPMG consultants in “forensic and consulting” fees.

KPMG is everywhere and have scored hundreds of millions of rands more from other clients involved in the Kebble saga. These included Investec, Western Areas, SocGen Johannesburg (a major beneficiary of laundered stolen shares and cash), and T-Sec (the stockbroker that laundered hundreds of millions in dirty cash).

KPMG somehow also managed to get itself appointed by the now-defunct Scorpions,(a state agency established to investigate serious crime) to investigate the Kebble frauds. This investigation simply disappeared. Likewise, KPMG was appointed by the Reserve Bank to assist in investigating the illegal selling – in London – of shares stolen from Randgold. This investigation likewise simply disappeared. Given the huge conflict of interest, were these state agencies simply careless in appointing KPMG or were they part of the corrupt conspiracy?

Also when KPMG and Ernst and Young were involved in ABSA deal, Judge Nel listed the followings as Violations from their end:

“auditors put signatures to false Absa and Cape Investment Bank’s accounts. They failed to report the discovery of material irregularities as required by the Public Accounts and Auditors Act. They backdated auditors’ reports, financial statements and letters. They failed to scrutinize minutes of  directors’ meetings and they actively assisted their clients in misleading the Receiver of revenue”

WMC should be vanished completely

Till the time WMC is in the picture of South Africa, these corruptive acts will continue regardless of whatever the step govt. take to curb the evils. Therefore, the deletion of WMC from country’s Landscape is the utmost need of the hour. Blacks are still been oppressed and their rights have often been violated till the time WMC is there in existence.

Need of the Hour:

SCOPA should call KPMG about white senior managers who have resigned to explain why they withdrew the report on the criminal activities of Pravin Gordhan.

  1. Minister Malusi Gigaba shall immediately cancel all business with KPMG. We can’t have a criminal organization working with the government in any regards.
  2. President Zuma shall setup a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to stop the dominance and corruptive acts of WMC and KPMG
  3. Media must act in a legit way to only report the real facts instead of publicizing the fake propaganda by WMC.
  4. Banks must shut down the KPMG accounts in the wake of its recent acts.

The Conclusion

It can be said that only after the above mentioned measures be taken,the dream of Radical Economic Transformation may come true and this should be taken on board by not only the govt, but everyone who support the agenda of black natives and its representatives.