BLF Support Zama Zamas Struggle To Get Back Their Recognition

Black first land first supports the legitimate demands being raised by the artisanal miners called Zama Zamas. Since, they are the members of Macua (Mining Affected Communities United in Action) and KAMW (Kimberley Artisanal Mine workers). Many of the artisanal members are considered to be the members and the supporters of BLF movement, who is actively participating in the struggle against the colonized and racialized practices and regime and also to get decent land and housing.

BLF Support

Haphazard attacks on artisanal miners:

Several artisanal miners were injured because of the indiscriminate attacks being done by the police & private security at the persistence of white mining houses, which are led by Ekapa Minerals Ltd, while engaged in the struggle against the mining houses owned by the whites. Their target is to attack the leaders. As an outcome, two members of the core leadership namely Tebogo Taku and Lucky Seekoei were arrested on bogus charges. Even though they came out on bail now, they have been subjected to unsympathetic anti-black bail conditions.

No justice: No demands met:

Zama Zamas has marched to DMR, (The Department of Mineral Resources & Economic Affairs) on May 10, 2017, to submit a memorandum of demands. By the end of this year, they want an end to almost all the evictions, the violence of police & private security, interdicts on mining, to get that essential subsidization, and also to get legal recognition. But, no demands have been met until now.

Furthermore, the Zama Zamas has also opened criminal proceeding against Ekapa Minerals Ltd, Kimberley Ekapa Mining Joint venture, Crown resources Ltd, and Super Stone mining ltd for the purpose of illegal mining devoid of getting permission to mine in Kenilworth, Greenpoint, Samaria, Greenside. Even several other areas are found in and around Kimberley.

Although, Charges were also initiated against the perpetrators regarding the theft of mining equipment, which belongs to Lucky Seekoei, the chairperson of Kimberley Artisanal Mine Workers. But, no justice will be given for the Zama Zamas regarding the criminal prosecutions.

SA belongs to blacks, not for white mining criminals:

Despite this, the Zama Zamas has remained flexible with their struggle against the white criminal mining houses. What they have said is that almost all the lands in South Africa including its minerals belong to the native blacks rather than the white monopolistic mining houses. They never give up their struggle of action regardless of any court action or others to remove them. The Zama Zamas are strong-minded to remain here in Kimberley as they work out their rights to trade and work in their own land.

Andile Mngxitama invites everyone:

In order to handle the situation of Zama Zama in Kimberley, it is very important to bring about the significance of Biko’s black consciousness carrying both a program as well as a method of land revolution including mineral wealth. This helps them to lead the way forward.

Andile Mngxitama, the president of BLF, is going to address the residence and the mining communities of Kimberly on September 16, 2017, at 12 PM in Samaria. So, everyone is invited.