BLF to Join Land Expropriation Programe at Ventersdorp

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The ownership to the land always comes as a talking point, when it comes to factors like Social Equality and Income Distribution of a society. In the case of the south Africa, the pendulum has certainly been shifted towards the whites since decades and that’s one of the main reason why they still enjoy an upper hand above the black natuves. BLF, being the flag bearers for the rights of the blacks since years, has now decided to participate in the land expropriation programme today in Ventersdorp, keeping the same in mind. Following are the excerpts from a report published on their website in the same regards:

Black First Land First

Black First Land First (BLF) will be participating in a land expropriation programe today in Ventersdorp. BLF has declared that all land must be taken back by its rightful owners. The Soweto Land Declaration calls for black people everywhere to form Land Expropriation Committees to take back the land.

Today, the Thekiso family will expropriate their land (Klipgat farm) from white farmers, which is located north west of Ventersdorp in the Rustenburg district of the North West. It is near the Klerkskraal Police Station. The Thekiso family has instituted a land claim in this respect, but the government has instead bought the land and given it back to white farmers to continue the business.

The family explained to BLF that they had been engaging with the government for a possible solution but their efforts have been in vain. There is no way forward coming from the government.

BLF is inspiring our people to defeat fear and take back the land. The racism of Ventersdorp will end only when land has been returned to blacks.”

It can be concluded therefore, that whilst the WMC and its stooges are still criticizing the RET as “Code of theft” they themselves has acted like thieves while stealing the land of the natives for the past many years and still behaving like crybabies to ask for more and more to feed their dirty intentions.