BLF to march in support of Radical Economic Transformation (RET)

While It’s a given that white monopoly capital has almost grabbed the whole country and its economy under its dirty wings, instant action against their deeds is the need of the hour. BLF, an organization which has always stood for the rights of the black natives of the country has often played a vital role in serving against the illicit acts of WMC boss Johann Rupert and his Stooges. Keeping with their utmost efforts, BLF has decided to march down on 18 November 2017 in a collective effort along with other true natives to support Radical economic transformation.

BLF March Support RET

Moreover, in the rally, BLF is going to raise their voice about following ongoing issues:

  • Land appropriation without compensation
  • Introduction of Mining charter with immediate effect
  • Strict laws against Racist acts against the black community in the country.
  • Proper measures to stop eviction of the blacks
  • Immediate actions against the Dominance of White monopoly capital

The Rally has said to be started from Sam Ntuli stadium on November 18 at 10:00 am onwards. BLF has further asked every true black native of the country to come and support them in this initiative against getting back their deserved rights on their own land.

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