BLF to Take Action! Sacked FNB Black employees to meet BLF

Black First Land First (BLF), the black consciousness movement, as per their report ,says it will meet with four young men who were being sacked by the bank, FNB, for communicating their political perspectives and line out racism within the corporate structure.

At FNB, in Sandton, the bank checked business emails and WhatsApp messages of premium bankers -Siphesihle Jele, Xolani Nkosi, Simon Masimula and Sipho Coke.

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As per Sunday Independent, all four have been accused for putting “racially-based and motivated statement which is generalized, which constitutes discriminatory sloganism and which is racist and bigoted in nature”.

In one of the WhatsApp messages, Jele says, ” Leaders, as we wake up even on a Saturday and going to slavery, let us also not forget that a black employee cannot afford to buy a house, cannot afford to buy a car and also cannot afford to provide basic commodities for his/her family. Leaders, it is upon us to fight for equality and to transform that untransformed FNB. Leaders, it is also true that the time is now.”.

BLF says it will take action against the supremacist bank.

Black people in this country are brutalised without any consequences. This high handed behaviour by FNB is calculated to inflict fear in black people so as to paralyze them from raising any questions when racism is experienced,” the movement said in a statement.

In addition, the movement said, “BLF will meet the victims of racism and might make direct action within this week against FNB. BLF does not endure racism and won’t allow FNB to escape with murder”.

The FNB’s racism victims say, they are being addressed and in case, they had said negative things in regards to President Jacob Zuma, at that point they would not have been rejected.

Jele disclosed to Sunday Independent, “I doubt we would have been rejected if we had stacked acclaim on Mmusi Maimane and the DA”.

The release of the four is a clear instance of racism as the bank’s CEO Jacques Cilliers has made several political statements in public (counting going to the counter Zuma walks in April), yet has not been subjected to a similar statement.

BLF to take actions against FNB for Sacked black employees

Moreover, The meeting conversation / statement is not yet disclosed as Black first Land First (BLF) might have had a meeting yesterday with four sacked Black employees of FNB (First National Bank) named Siphesihle Jele, Simon Masimula, Sipho Coke and Xolani Nkosi, who have been victimized by FNB just for raising their Political opinions forward in relation to Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane and his white wife, Natalie.

It’s been stated further by BLF that FNB is clearly following the strategy of white, “For Whites, how can we help you? And For Blacks, Just shut up” nature, which specifically aims to make  silence all the voices which get raised by blacks in favor of their rights and freedom to Express.

FNB, as per them, is totally biased towards the whites and really never want to let any black come forward and put their opinion on board about any sort of Racism they face. FNB’s clear motive is to inject fear amongst the blacks so as they think twice before raising their voice against anything like that in future.

BLF will decide further course of action against FNB within this week as they don’t want to let FNB escape away from their Racist acts which BLF termed as equal to a “Murder”.
  • Tom

    Blacks are not slaves. They are also humans with equal rights. Equal status and position should be given to black employees, they are skillful and worth to get these

  • Rethabile

    Voices need to be raised in favor of rights and freedom of blacks. But, really happy to see lots of movements raising day by day to support native blacks.

  • Audery Ngobeni

    It is unfortunate to see that the blacks still have to fight for their rights even in their home land. I’m still glad to see that these movements are making an impact and contributing to the uplifting of the blacks.