BLF Up to Avenge Biko’s Murderers

Steve Biko has been regarded as one of the flag bearers of the Black consciousness movement in the country and often been termed as “Father” by the natives of the country. While  its has been reported in the past that he died out of an “Extensive Brain Injury”, his death has still been regarded as a “Murder” by most of the people due to his Fight against the Apartheid Regime. Keeping the fact intact, BLF, as per the report published on their website has now decided to avenge his murder and gear up to punish every person responsible for his death.


BLF leadership will travel to Ginsberg in King William’s Town to visit Biko’s home and family And will then proceed to Port Elizabeth to open a criminal case against the responsible persons for Biko’s death. They said the killers of Biko were denied forgiveness by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the prosecution of same responsible shall now be resumed to bring them under trial for their deeds.

BLF still don’t get the fact why the Mbeki administration believed that those who murdered Biko were deemed innocent and left without any punishment. Now they want to call upon the Jacob Zuma administration to do what is right and bring justice for Biko. BLF will make sure that justice shall be delivered in this case.

BLF understand that these people murdered Biko on part of an evil system built to serve all the whites. All white people are therefore responsible for the murder of Biko. There will be no justice for Biko and black s until the land is returned to black people.

As per their official statement on their website, BLF recognizes that individual acts of racism are underpinned by institutional racism. As the Anti Racism BIll proposed by BLF indicates, individual acts of racism must be punished. BLF is clear that only the end of institutional racism shall end all acts of racism and key to this is the return of the land.

BLF also regards Steve Biko as the main thinker for black liberation against white supremacy. For this reason we, as a movement, have a duty to seek justice for Biko by any means necessary. Biko’s assassins are known and most of them are still alive. To this end BLF shall open criminal cases against the following people:

  1. Daniel Siebert, who led the interrogation;
  2. Harold Snyman;
  3. Gideon Nieuwoudt;
  4. Rubin Marx (deseased); and
  5. Johan Beneke.