BLF Versus Helen Zille On The High Court Of Western Cape For Preliminary Hearing

The BLF which is a black radical organization seems to appear at the high court of Western Cape for the purpose of introductory hearing against Helen Zille for her comments on colonialism. BLF, as per the report on their website, has flooded with the criticism of racism against the praise singer of colonialism Zille along with the Equity Court. This hearing will decide whether the matter will approach the court or it will go out of the court settlement. BLF opposes any out of high court settlement that does not fully consensus with the relief required as described in the application acquiesced when the case of racism against Zille seems to be lodged.

New party or political movement has declared that it will file a case against Zille for BLF. However, the case of racism will be filed at Equity court of Cape Town. The reports of EWN has described that the group has created a Crimen Injuria Piece in contradiction of Zille at police station of hillbrow. More than that, the group also decides the approach towards human rights commission as well. The deputy present of BLF named Zwanele Lwana informs the group that Zille wants to face prosecution. The offence relating to the racism which Zille faces in terms of Anti-Racism Bill of BLF 2017 will make her liable to get sentence for at least 10 years’ time. The imprisonment will be 10 times for first-time offender whereas it will be 20 years’ time being a repeat offender.

The relief required by this movement is to explain Zille what inspired her to create her racist exclamations and what altered her mind and make her to apologize. They wish Zille to inform white monopolist to return their stolen properties to black as per amend section 25. The land must be return to blacks without any compensation. Zille continues to damage the dignity and hence dismiss the combined pain of blacks due to colonialism. In regards to the previous racist comments which was indicated in the midst of others, those who trust that price of colonialism is too high must not drive cars that in turn left-overs from colonialism which were employed.

The above consequence for BLF is considered to be the most suitable one to levy on Zille. This is due to the damage caused by racism is not only possible in terms of institutional basis which makes the individual to act on racism. Moreover, the racism will seem to flourish as long as the society seems to be organized with the white power reality takes place. BLF is highly shocked that the forerunner or EFF, Julius Malema has taken the wrist penalty which was forced on Zille for the satisfactory racism action.

Malema has got flip-flop from threatening to walk out of DA if Zille was not neglected from the Western Cape as the premier. It is also stated that the Zille succeeding apology will not create any amount of truthful remorse on her side and it will never end up in justification of punishment which was provided for her.