BLF voice their support for every true supporter of RET

Johann Rupert and his stooges have gone out of their limits to go dirty against the true supporters of Radical economic transformation and this could be the reason why they are going any limit to defame everyone in support of it, whether it is President Zuma, his son Duduzane or the Guptas. Therefore BLF, one of the true flag bearers for RET have voiced their support  whilst  the reports are coming that Scotland yard or FBI might put an enquiry on board against every one of them.BLF has also published a report on their website regarding the same and it goes as follows:

BLF Support SA

Black First Land First (BLF) is appalled by the reports that the United States and British imperialism have now decided to interfere directly in the affairs of South Africa.

The reports that the FBI and Scotland Yard are investigating President Jacob Zuma, his son, Duduzane Zuma, and the Guptas are disturbing to the extreme. It’s clear that imperialism has failed to institute regime change through their proxies like they have done in Brazil, now they are doing it directly by using their agencies to try regime change in South Africa.

The attack is organised against those they believe stand for radical economic transformation.

This imperialist attack is calculated to weaken the radical economic transformation forces towards the December conference of the African National Congress (ANC) where Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma (NDZ) is expected to emerge and continue implementing the programme of radical economic transformation which must prioritise land expropriation without compensation, implementation of the Mining Charter, free education and a minimum wage.

BLF will not allow an imperialist coup! We as the revolutionary movement, which is anti-imperialist, will defend the rights of President Zuma, NDZ and the Guptas. It is clear the focus on the Guptas is calculated to intimidate any business people who might support radical economic transformation.

When they are done with the Guptas, President Zuma and NDZ, they are coming for us. That’s what they have done in Libya, that’s what they are doing in Brazil, that’s what they are doing in Venezuela.

We say no to imperialism in our country!!!

BLF Stands with President Zuma, NDZ and Guptas!”

It can therefore be said that while WMC is adamant to bring down President and all the true supporters of RET in their quest to market their own fake propaganda and they are going “no holds barred” against anyone who will come in their way. Whatever the case stays, they should now know that the whole country is now aware about its true dirty reality and people have started rejecting them across every aspect in the country.
  • Amose Moleli

    BLF is the only true native organization which is keep[ing our rights on the table against the Influence of WMC.

  • Lebona Sekha

    RET is the only way this country can achive economic and social equality amongst every aspect of the society.

  • Jeremia Africa

    Hats off to BLF, for always keeping the flame of hope for the Black natives high amidst Dark clouds like WMC

  • Keorapetse Mahlobo

    The only way this country can escape from the corrupt acts by WMC is with the Implemenatation of RET in true regards.

    • Drjoe Attatta

      Exactly,RET is the need of the hour for everyone who’s looking toward equal growth for everyone in every aspect.