Breaking News: Vandalism Of Public Protector – Busisiwe Mkhwebane Home

Public Protector (PP) “Busisiwe Mkhwebane” house has been vandalized by her detractors. The PP’s spokesperson named “Cleopatra Mosana” revealed ANN7 that the PP was obtaining threats after she announced a report regarding the implication of ABSA and other white-owned campaigns in corruption and maladministration. Mosana told that the threats are coming because of the recent release of the report of CIEX matter regarding allegations of maladministration into ABSA and it has been enduring where people have been throwing threatening messages to public protector.

Busisiwe Mkhwebane

When she was returning back from the event, she was informed with a bad news that there was cruel damage to her complex property and there is also an accusation of racism in the compound where she stays. The police also investigate into the matter in such a way that, whether there is any forced entry for accessing her property. Mkhwebane was not at the residence during the incident. Police are also investigating deeply regarding the incident.

Vandalism Of Public Protector Home By WMC

After the declaration of the report, there has been an escalating attack on the PP from white-owned media & supports of white monopoly capital. The white establishments view Mkhwebane as a hazard to its throttlehold of the country & economy. Mkhwebane’s predecessor, “Thuli Madonsela” was a sweetheart for white media & white monopoly capital-she never got such aggressive criticism, rather she was awarded a job at Stellenbosch University where Johann Rupert serves as a chancellor.

In her detailed report on Apartheid corruption, Mkhwebane declares that ABSA bank must pay-back Rand of 3.2 million which is effectively looted from Reserve Bank. The attack made on Mkhwebane’s house displays to what extent white monopoly capital will go to safeguard and withstand their status quotient. On reacting to the news, BLF President-Andile Mngxitama declared that the vandalism can be connected with Mkhwebane’s crackdown on white dishonesty and the fact the ex-finance ministers Trevor Manuel and Pravin Gordhan are implicated in crimes taking place in white companies.

Reason Behind Vandalism Of Residential Property Of Mkhwebane

Mngxitama told that ABSA has been found to involve in corruption from many years. Also added that what the nation must consider is that all these banks (involved in corruption), Pravin Gordhan has direct shares in those banks. So, all the chief organized criminal activity takes place as per the interest of white monopoly capital, so the name “Pravin Gordhan” is not far away from it-Mngxitama revealed.

Mkhwebane declared that after reaching home, he finds out that her glass doors were been hit with the brick. It is also supposed that the prime motive behind the vandalism seems to be racism. During the time of vandalism incident, Mkhwebane was not in her home. Gauteng police seem to investigate the case of housebreaking after the dwelling of Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane was vandalized. During the time of the incident, she was in Cape Town for meditation between the city of Cape Town & residents of Masiphumelele. She also added that nothing was found inside the house other than the home. She does not want to disclose this issue to the suburb where Mkhwebane resides for safety reasons but informed this matter to local police.