Breeding Of Racism in Schools Of South Africa

Racism in South African schools cannot be understood via its historical context. After the general election in 1948, the white supremacist of national party launched a program known as apartheid.

Apartheid was considered as the legal system of economical, political and social separation or races planned to maintain as well as extend economic and political control of South Africa by white minority who is very less than 10 percent of the country’s population.

At the time of apartheid era, people of color were separated as per their race and were forced to move into their homes to racially segregated townships and it seems that thinks have not changed much and have taken a more worse face as it is now used for making money and power and there it become WHITE MONOPOLY.

Schools of South Africa

Role Of Racism In Children Education

  • Children of different racial communities were forced to go for separate schools within their own neighborhoods. Due to the “Bantu Education Act”, many black studies were left uneducated.
  • The national party expends an average of about $90 for education especially for white child and less than $10 for black child.
  • But due to the ANC lead by Nelsen Mandela, there laid an end to apartheid as well as racial separation in South Africa, permitting all studies to study in the same school. But, today several schools rise up and the wheels of racism keep on uprooting.
  • Racism in schools is very delicate and its effect is almost unknown. Many children trust that apartheid is over and several schools are normally diverse, so there is no chance for racism which exists in the post-racial society.
  • But in reality, the systems of schools have treated the black children to be subordinates for the white counterparts in many education institutions.
  • The white children were allowed to excel academically as well as in sports fields. Due to these reasons, 39 percent of black suffered from unemployment problem compared to 8.3 percent of white South Africans.

Ill-Treating Black Students Inside Educational Institutions

Due to racism, black people do not speak good English. Moreover, it prohibits black girls from having dreadlocks, afros, cornrows as well as other African hairstyles which do not meet the school standard of whites. Black girls were not permitted to speak in their mother tongue with their friends.

A majority of schools in South Africa are both public and private which do not allow both girls and boys to have African hairstyles due to their neatness.

The syllabus of South African school continues to discriminate against black students. All the government issued textbooks are consisting untrue black history that normalizes oppressions like slavery and colonization.

Owing to colonization black people were created segregation within their own race. Black people were separated due to nationality, class, language, and tribe and skin complexion. One of the racisms which prevail still in the nation is South African schools.

There is an absurd racial double standard while it comes for pronunciation. When a black student is not fluent in English as he or she stumbles on word or grammar those students are considered to be unintelligent. Rather, when the Afrikaans people mispronounce English word then also they will be applauded for trying.

The education department of South Africa must closely watch the activities of the schools and must understand the racism prevalence in schools. Transformation is required in South African education system. Or else south Africa will never see freedom for people, thought and equal rights to all and as described monopoly for whites will never allow south Africa for economic growth.