Groundbreaking Apps

List of South Africa’s Most Groundbreaking Apps For 2017-18

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South Africa’s best Applications were declared at MTN business app of the year award which was held recently. Shyft was recognized as the overall winner of the year. Shyft was…Read More
Nanosatellite of South Africa

Nanosatellite of South Africa Was Flourishingly Sent To Orbit

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It was informed that South African Nanosatellite has been sending successfully to orbit from the ISS (International Space Station). The weight of the satellite is 2.5KG and it is the…Read More
New Technology

Top 5 Best New Technology That Will Change Your Life

Technology definitely plays a major part in the lives we live today. It has made everything easier from keeping in touch with friends to heating our meals and even managing…Read More
Expensive Cars in South Africa

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In South Africa

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Cars are referred to be the finest representation of Human Engineering. Just like the beauty and luxury, the most expensive cars are some great specimens of power and performance. Furthermore,…Read More
Petya Ransomware

Petya Ransomware Again Attacks Companies In SA! IT Experts On High Alert

It looks like trouble is not yet over for IT companies in South Africa. According to the reports, another ransomware named Petya has hit the South African shores. This is…Read More