#CosatuStrike: The Inside Story

As per the recent report on BLF website, Thousands of Cosatu (Congress of South African Trade Unions) members are preparing to take part in the protest against Corruption and State capture. Still most of them are unaware about the fact that COSATU being an organization which should serve the working class and their rights, is just serving the purpose for their beloved Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa in his quest to become the next President by bringing President Zuma down and pushing people to act against him by carrying placards with slogans like “Zuma must go” and “We want Ramaphosa as president”.

#CosatuStrike: The Inside Story

Cosatu is a big supporter of Ramaphosa, irrespective of his dirty deeds and affair with multiple women and this very much shows their perspective towards the interests of the common working class. While Ramaphosa is facing the wrath and critics across the country for his wrong doings on a side, Cosatu,on the other, still believes that Rmaphosa can be a true leader who can take care of their rights and interests in the best manner possible. This certainly means that either Cosatu are trying to befool the masses or they hardly care about anything while backing their very own “Idol” in the process.

Moreover, even Organizations like NUMSA has refused to be a part of the protest on the same grounds and called it a “Hoax’. In the words of their Spokesperson Phakamile Hlubi,” What Cosatu is doing through this March, is demonstrating its support to Cyril Ramaphosa and its leadership within ANC and we by no means would be participating in this. There’s no way that we would lose a Day’s wage to support them and their purpose. If they are really serious about this march against Corruption and State capture acts, they must first get off from their alliance with ANC (mainly Ramaphosa).”

It’s worth mentioning here that COSATU never felt like protesting when FNB suspended 4 of its employees just for voicing their opinion against the discrimination within the organization. Also, they never felt concerned about the rights of thousands of Mine workers who got deprived of their Livelihood after the court verdict in favor of BoB in their case against “Closure of accounts” for Guptas.

Their purpose now sounds like a big joke in the wake of their ignorance to the above mentioned incidents and with them playing around in favor of Ramaphosa, this certainly creates more doubts that they also might be having some connections, one way or the other with the WMC and its allies whose main motive is just to bring President Zuma and the Guptas down at any cost. The ball is now in people’s court and it would be interesting to know how well and early they would get to know the real f ace of COSATU and Cyril Ramaphosa.