Deniable Role of Johann Rupert In Protecting Afrikaans Language

The Freedom Front Plus is one of the parliamentary parties of South Africa, which avers to represent Afrikaan-speakers. Recently, it has publicly backed Johann Rupert, who is a billionaire businessman of South Africa, for withdrawing of millions of worth of advertisements out of a British Magazine whose wallpaper described against Afrikaans. Rupert removes the advertisements of Richemont from the magazine that concentrates on decor matters.

Johann Rupert, who is the chairman of Luxury Goods Group Richemont. Regarding the Afrikaans weekly newspaper, Rupert says that he could not able to believe his eyes. He further says that he was not sitting simply and look at, when his culture and language were insulted by others. But, there is no truth found behind these words as they are entirely fake with the intention to capture the minds of Africans.

Rupert Johann

He says that any person bestowed with self-respect must protect his language. This will be applicable for almost all the languages used in South Africa. However, the reason behind his saying is not predictable. It is clear that he tries to support the Afrikaans language so as to save his skin.

Most of the Afrikaans speakers nowadays accept the fact that their languages were found to be treated very badly. MR. Rupert will set an example to several South African companies, which are recently engaged in finding almost all types of excuses to why they need the money of Afrikaans clients, but they won’t respect their language. Afrikaans speakers should stand over their constitutional rights and maintain their language devoid of offending other languages.

The way by which Afrikaans will be maintained would greatly find out whether the language would command esteem from another language as well as cultural groups. Afrikaans must not be a prickly pair in the orchard of South Africa with long thorns that nobody needs to touch. In contrast, Mr Rupert says that the time will be passed for the Afrikaans speakers for the purpose of having to apologize for almost everything that includes their language as well.

The veracities of South Africa, including the purchasing power of Afrikaans together with the fact that Afrikaans will be the third strongest language, which follows Xhosa and Zuhu, must protect the official language: Afrikaans.

From the above states, it is revealed that Rupert is supposed to be deteriorating Afrikaans, while trying to improve other African languages in addition to the English. All the things, which Rupert had done until now are found to be against Africa. It is evident that he tries to capture the nature as well as its economy on the whole. In fact, he is number one chief behind the lies and threats caused against African countries

But keep it in mind that these lies are not working all the time. The truth will surely come out one day. His sole intention is to hypnotize the South African populace and rule the nation. But, this never happens. Justice wons the day that will come as soon as possible.