Dlamini Zuma Dents Ramaphosa’s Dreams in his own backyard

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s quest is to become the next ANC President. Recently, the president of the country got a boost, when she literally put a dent into Ramaphosa’s dreams  for  the Big chair as her supporters took the influential Mopani region (also Ramaphosa’s Home Province), Limpopo’s biggest region, in regional elections.

This is the same region which is probably going to decide whether the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, one of her competitors for the ANC presidency, will get the support of the province. Dlamini-Zuma supporters, headed by Ba-Phalaborwa municipality mayor Pule Shayi, the elected chairperson, won the regional elections on Monday.

This victory  by Dlamini-Zuma’s supporters in Mopani now lead the way for her to recover lost ground and put forward a strong challenge against Ramaphosa in his home province. It must be noted that Shayi beats Limpopo’s long-serving parliamentarian and MEC for economic & development Seaparo Sekoati by 155 votes to 131. This certainly means a lot for the Dlamini Zuma’s Campaign and now going to ring the alarm bells to her counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa.

The Elections saw Violet Mathye being elected as deputy chairperson, while  Baisekopo Makamo got retained as regional secretary and former Matokane Secondary School principal Gerson Molapisane became the New treasurer.

The Newly elected Chairperson Pule Shayi said that the ANC did take a resolution during the elections not to get into any debates about the ANC Succession and will make further announcements on the same at the right time. He was quoted saying “We will make such pronouncement when the time is ripe,” .

So it can be said now that Time seems to be up for Ramaphosa and his ambitions to lead the nation after all of his wrong doings and this is the reason the people have started rejecting him in every corner of the country.

source : Citizen.co.za

  • Jonkar

    Who knows how many more of Ramaphosa’s corrupt acts have been covered up.

  • Jonkar

    Dlamini Zuma is a better choice than Ramaphosa…she may have little experience but women rights will be stronger.

  • Jonkar

    A vile man with a disgraced record cannot be ANC head.

    • Tracee Dee

      But he went on to become ANC president with the support of his other corrupt allies.

  • Tracee Dee

    Dlamini Zuma is a strong leader, she is exactly the sort of leader we needed at the moment.