EFF Fired Mogale City Councilors under Robin Renwick’s Instructions

DA and EFF have been long known for their illegit and corrupt acts against the true natives of the country under the influence of WMC and its allies. Moreover, it’s their march towards the Guptas house that attracted a lot of criticism from almost every aspect of the society. It’s been further reported in a news published on Black opinion website that six Mogale City, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) councilors were allegedly fired on instruction by the arch-imperialist, Lord Robin Renwick. It’s worth mentioning here that Renwick, who is the London based kind of ‘manager” for EFF was annoyed with the EFF holding back from the meetings in the metro cities, where they are in coalition with Democratic alliance.

EFF and DA

It must be noted that EFF earlier stated that they won’t be voting with DA until the DA stops dejecting other allies like the United Democratic Movement (UDM) in Nelson Mandela Bay. But still to everyone’s surprise, they started doing the same after the meeting with Renwick. It was been reported as per the sources that EFF was given instructions by Renwick to stop its conflicts with DA with immediate effect. They were further been instructed to fire all the six councilors, who voted with ANC in Mogale city.

Its worth mentioning here that as per the sources, it’s been stated that Renwick was very much annoyed with EFF for tolerating all the six members, who backstabbed the party by voting with ANC. Though, the sources in their interview with Black opinion team didn’t confirm, whether DA has been provided with some instructions or not, but it’s a given that Renwick met with them over the issue in a different meeting. It can’t be confirmed whether the protest against the Guptas house was also a part of the Renwick instructions, but the possibility of the same couldn’t be denied with all of three entities i.e. lord Renwick, DAA and EFF working day in and out to let down ANC and the Guptas. Though, the protest was a complete failure, but the trio seems like planning something much bigger this time.

Moreover, Renwick along with his delegation also met SACP (South African communist party), which can certainly raise more eyebrows about their intentions to take this nation towards further disgrace like they are already doing under the influence of WMC.

  • Martiz

    Every conspiracy of WMC bosses against Gupta will fail for sure,The contribution that Gupta has made for South Africa’s development can not be forgotten.

  • J Makamba

    EFF and DA are serious Disgrace to this country. People shall now see their true face