Expose Of Biased Reporting Given By Amubhungane

When it comes to journalism, the rules have been found to be changing with the course of time. However, it seems that it will not be the case in the White Media, South Africa. Right from the apartheid age, they will be unabashedly biased towards black people by means of suppressing each and every pro-reform voice amidst their malicious propaganda. But what the current situation says is that they are found to be propagating a solitary point fake agenda in order to topple the present political regime. In short, they are considered to be the enemies of nation in the mask of media that seems to be self-proclaimed objective and unbiased. As per the website WMCLeaks, Since, WMC is determined to showcase almost all the misbehaviors of white manipulated media with the intention to offer people an array of events, which are pertinent to white media.

amaBhunganes and WMC

Report on biased white media:

The most recent regime change has been published regarding the attempts made by the WMC who overthrow the president democratically elected by the public. This is done in the form of unproven emails. But, the source of those emails was revealed as AmaBhungane. Sam Sole, who is one among the executive directors at AmaBhungane , was interviewed by SABC about the source of these emails. But, he says that his company is under foreign control. He further added that all these emails have been sent abroad for protection purpose.

The populace of South Africa is now raising simple questions like, who are those foreign people interested in political landscape of SA. It is also not able to question concerning those emails authenticity, because they are not verified. But consider those emails for a second as an authentic that is too doubtful.

Pre payment for commissioning mines:

There have been several instances in which amaBhungane have exposed their allegiance towards WMC. This is referred to be a meritless allegation during which amaBhungane has failed to consider the background of deal on the basis of factual information. This was probably the reason behind the pre-payment deal made with Tageta. In the recent times, Eskom has released a new media statement related to this specific matter, which is stated as Pre-payment is nothing but a common commercial practice, which will be utilized widely. It has also added that the board of Eskom has approved some advance payments worth of R400 Million so as to allow suppliers to go on with projects required to supply coal.

The protection and racism of WMC was once again found on a full swing, when they have been falsely reported on SAA. People need to admire the tenacity and resilience, which has been shown by the SAA chairperson. She has outlasted almost all the onslaughts against her, which will be ranging from the opposition parties found in the parliament to racist white media.  You should assume these will be the skills of investigative journalists who could have been uncovered SAA’s untransformed procurement practice and blatantly racist. Just three percent of procurement at SAA will go to the black business.

The final verdict:

It is clear that no one could leave with a doubt on destructive policies and partisan of white media. They haven’t just lost the capability to assess the rational event, but they also lack the intent for doing so. But, please don’t consider this like a fight amongst some media houses as this is all about the well-being and survival of the South African nation. It becomes necessity to lift the mask on those who collaborate to pull the biased narratives, which you could, able to see on a regular basis.

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    WMC is determined to showcase almost all the misbehaviors of white manipulated media with the intention to offer people an array of events, which are pertinent to white media.