Four arrested in KFC Assault, Montana Pretoria

Cape Town – Pretoria !! Blacks are not secured in South Africa and now it’s been over the limit when they are physically assaulted by whites. Yes, the incident happened in KFC, Pretoria where a black woman is beaten by 4 white men. However, before this news, it was considered that this war (between blacks and whites) is limited on social media which is running by paid white media puppets. But this miss happening proved that whites are gonna cross their limit now or they can do anything just to rule over the country.

The Incident

A couple (Husband Jacob Sono & his wife Dudu) was walking towards the car parking after leaving KFC outlet, located in the town of Montana. Sudden 4 drunk people standing beside the car started abusing on couple. When, Jacob asked one among the men to move ahead in a drive-through the line, those people, instead of being quite, attacked on Jacob and his wife.

!!!A woman was so afraid and can be heard shouting “Are you going to hit me? Are you going to hit me?” But, the men, who appear to be white, can be heard shouting “p**s” and “f**k off” and kept beating her man. Later the woman, who appears to be black, can be heard shouting “don’t hit my man”.!!!

The assault went viral on social media after a video of the incident was uploaded to the internet. In the video it’s simply seen that two of the men were beating Jacob, who was lying on the ground and was unable to protect himself.

Who are the suspects

M Harding, O Miller, RJ Mel and DJ Van Rooyen are the four whites, who are identified as the main suspects and they all are arrested by police. However it is heard that those people got bailed but it is not confirmed yet, because 2 out of four denied to for bail and asked the police to keep them secure in their custody.

“One man has previously been found guilty of assault”

Is this matter closed?

It is really surprising to see that there is no news regarding this white attack on a black couple released by the white owned media. Further, they could not confirm the attacker’s names or even the couple being attacked. By chance, if blacks will do this type of racial attack, the white media will surely put in the headlines. The white owed media is trying to cover up the assault done by the white men. But, the law should follow its course with the intention to serve the justice to the family, which is being attacked.

Be sure, no room should be given to racism in this constitutional and democratic dispensation where no people will be abused based on their skin color.

Source : News24