Garbage of Trevor over Existence of White Monopoly Capital

Trevor is the embodiment of what exactly incorrect in the country in addition to some earlier leaders and scientists who has been accosted by the WMC. This was the statement provided by Carl Niehaus who is an ex-spokesperson of ANC as well as ex-member of ANC-NEC.

Carl Niehaus described that something strange has happen with Trevor Manual who is a longest-serving Finance Minster of South Africa. He is responsible in corroding the economy of the state.

As per news website,WMCLeaks,Through his position and power, he has got massive wealth and luxury because of the connection with rich whites who acquired more profits through his access of power. He looks like a amnesia person as he completely forgotten his life and struggle of gaining wealth.

Trevor’s amnesia also made him offer with the fact that great responsibility follows inseparably from great power.

Trevor Manual

Trevor’s Weird Comment

Trevor Manuel establishes his remarks, views as well as skeptical comments on white monopoly capitalists at the time of his talks about the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The point he created were considered as illusionary as he seems to be most unconvincing and he denied with the fact regarding the nonexistence of WMC overall.

Manual who spurts from behind from past has now come up with something strange as white monopolist does not exist.

Moreover, he also added that white monopolists are nonsense and non-existent-he added like that. Well, this saying makes some sense, if you consider that all wealth made by Trevor has made him blind so he mentions like that.

Carl’s Befitting Reply

  • Carl keeps on saying the concept that WMC was set-up in late 1970s in numerous documents of SACP and ANC in South Africa. He describes regarding the concepts of white monopoly capital as well as radical economic transformation that were raised up and dealt in tactical documents of Morogoro Conference takes place in 1969.
  • Manuel has been regarded as the redeemer of Johann Rupert as he was known as the key operatives to protect Rupert’s capture of the nation. He along with Oppenheimer family had massively enjoyed all government contracts as well as coal supply to ESKOM.
  • Therefore, it is concluded that Manuel and other white leaders have been attempting to create their own monopoly instead of Epiphany.
  • Further, Trevor had led the very first capital flight by influencing outside listings of SA Company sans with relevant norms and conditions. At last, Manuel’s denial regarding WMC existence has began to create some sense that a person who is self-indulged in each layer of monopoly would suppress the ruckus regarding it.
  • Another issue which caught up the vision is that Manual recommendation towards his wife Maria Ramos, who is known as the Director General of wealth, after that she acquired the position of ABSA group chief executive in the year 2009.
  • Trevor has involved in some corruption with ANC and conveniently indicated WMC as a propaganda.  Manuel denial for WMC also arise a question why for past two decades, he did not care about the people of South Africa.
  • During his period, he did not educate poor, inadequate medication of people affected by HIV; dream of land distribution has never become true and many more.
  • These shows that he is only serving white monopolists and now acting that he is denying WMC.