Gupta Family and Oakbay Have Won The Battle By Defeating Pravin Gordhan

Till date, Gupta & family has not done anything wrong against the development of the country. Beacuse, the whites and other associated members of the white monopoly capital are often blaming upon Gupta. However, The final decision of the North Gauteng High Court has revealed the truth, which has dismissed the case of Pravin Gordhan. The case of former prime minister on which he needed defense from intervening into the closure of Oakbay accounts.  Further, he was ordered to reimburse the legal cost spent for Oakbay councils.

Gupta Family

At last, the magistrate Aubrey Ledwaba has dismissed the standard bank application. The Governor and Registrar of Reserve Bank together along with the Director of FNB, Nedbank, Financial Intelligence Center and ABSA are ordered by the magistrate to bear their cost themselves.

Anti-Oakbay stance gets defeated:

During the court proceeding, the application of Gordhan has been crashed by the Oakbay by indicating it as puzzles and superfluous with lawful and realistic errors. Moreover, the company even added that the application of former finance minister seems to be pointless as no argument was made regarding his powers.

Meanwhile, the leader of Black First Land First movement Andile Mngxitama discloses that it was just a trial being made by Gordhan so as to assure that the economy of the country is still in the hands of white monopolists. He also tells that the interest of former finance minister is to protect the white monopoly capital as he has major shares in most of the banks and companies owned by the whites. This makes Pravin Gordhan lose case against the Oakbay group and therefore, anti-Oakbay stance was found to be defeated.

The position of BLF is justified:

The court decision made by the magistrate Ledwaba has justified the position taken by the Black First Land First,as per their website. So, it is proven that Pravin Gordhan is captured and compromised to serve the white monopoly capital. Now, its proved that Gordhan is the prime minister of WMC as he has never served black people or even black businesses for at least one day in the office.

Today, the court decision shows that there is a sustained economic terrorism made against Oakbay as it is one amongst the few black businesses that has challenged WMC in terms of South African economy. As the best response, all other offending banks should reopen the Oakbay bank accounts as soon as possible, so that they can trade as similar to that of other businesses.

How to protect nation’s economy:

There is no proper reason found behind the closure of Oakbay bank accounts whereas some rogue companies including Lonmin, which has murdered a lot of workers in Marikana, are permitted to trade devoid of any interference.

By denying the relief needed by the former finance minister, the court judgment has undeniably proved that Pravin Gordhan was appointed as the Minister of Finance using the influence of the white monopoly capital as he has served the white monopoly capital in a faithful manner.

Now, BLF will continue to demand the nationalization of SARB and black owned black and so, black businesses and black people get prevented from the mercy of “DieBanks”. This is the only way to protect the economy of the South Africa.
  • Audery Ngobeni

    Regardless of how tactfully it is framed, a smear campaign is just a smear campaign. This happens to industrialists everywhere in the world. Similarly, even here in South Africa the white media only frames these industrialists because they are wealthy and popular. This victory is a sign of the fairness in the South African governance. Kudos.

  • Khomotjo Movundlela

    This triumph is an indication of the reasonableness in the South African administration, Everybody pulling down Gupta’s because they are successful and popular Gupta and family has not done anything incorrectly against the improvement of the nation.

  • Rauxx

    The Competition Commission charges monopoly businesses regularly in this country. Nothing ever happens to them. Instead they become part of “Save SA”.


      The competition commission must monitor the money flow of the white owned companies, especially after Steinhoff saga.

  • Rauxx

    African Bank was declared bankrupt, people’s money was eaten. Then shareholders with government money restart the same bank and all debts are forgiven.


      What about the UK based more than hundred companies in South Africa that extract almost R192 billion every year from the country.

  • Rauxx

    The Integrated Financial Management System scandal occurred on Gordhan’s watch and he released his Chief Procurement Officer Kenneth Brown and arranged a job for him at Standard Bank as Public Sector Head.


    Guptas are deliberately being attacked because they posses a huge threat for white monopoly capitalists.