“GuptaLeaks” Fake Mail was decoded by the White Monopoly Capital Media

This time it was much more of technological misuse that took place as a war against the opponents of the white monopoly capital by the white owned media. Yes, this was considered to be the huge massive misinformation campaign, where the white owned media as initiating a dirty war over those who fight against the white monopoly capital has had created over 100 000 to 200 000 fake emails. The interesting move here is that those emails remained mysterious without any clear proofs and this certainly had proved that the white monopoly has had created these emails thereby discrediting its opponents. Moreover, the white monopoly capital media is now making practices of fake news very openly. This had created the thoughts that the fake emails are also mixed up with the looks of the authentic emails.

Gupta Family

More in detail about the decoding of Gupta mail id:

This kinda fake emails has had made a family in South Africa to be a victim of its negative impacts. Yes, to name the family in terms it is said to be the Gupta Family, which is a business family that rose up the mix of Indian-South African races. In recent times, the family came into limelight with the great controversy that had created only due to their relationship with Jacob Zuma, the South African President.

  1. A technical expertise named AndileMngxitama made a report that almost every single person will start writing their emails in capital letters at cases of formal mails.
  2. The forwarding part is being considered as the most important part. Yes, if a form is forwarded to Atul Gupta to Nazeemhowa, and if the receiver who reads the mail gets the details from another sender (mail id) then how the mail could be considered as the authentic mail.
  3. Atul Gupta a professional person used to contact his colleagues or other investors only through his authorized company mail id. And at this situation, it’s certainly an unbelievable thing that Atul Gupta used ANN7 email.
  4. The time certainly is the next thing to be noted seriously. If the authentic mail is forwarded to Atul India March from Nazeem Howa is said to be at 9.30 PM, and the forwarded email shows the time as 08:28 (GMT+4). These certainly bring up a great confusion among the authentic senders and receivers.
  5. Here comes the act of protocol discrepancy, where the names are said to be get interchanged like ‘Rajesh Gupta Tony’ to ‘Tony Rajesh Gupta’.
  6. But at whatever situations, the name of the person remains the same when the emails are being printed. So, kindly take a note of that part to identify the fake mails.

white monopoly capital

This simply shows that some real baddies have hacked the email id and created some fake ids in the name of Gupta. This certainly had created some bad name on Gupta, but with this article one can realize that not only the Gupta family the whole nation is also facing many such critical issues, which we have to realize and be aware of at any situation and stay away from such fake news, emails and other such fakes.

  • Martiz

    A poor conspiracy to trap and defame the Gupta family by White Media and their #WMC Bosses.

    • Jonkar

      #WMC Boss Johann Mafia Rupert is doing everything possible to defame Guptas and drive Guptas out of the SA business so that WMC bosses can easily capture the South African economy.