Jackson Mthembu Favoring Whites For Capturing National Treasury

The chief whip of ANC named Jackson Mthembu is dealing with financial services including bankorp in favor of white monopoly capitalists.  The supporters of Mthembu allegedly requested that by providing a view which was not authorized by caucus, the other group was also purposely declining the chief whip and planning to depict him that he cannot manage caucus. The fractures are revealing of evacuating partitions in the parliamentary assembly of ANC in the midst of broader cliques turning to be highly apparent in the party during introduction to the national elective conference. However, the tensions seems to played out in the caucus meeting whereas the MPs group who has pleaded the public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane so as to include national treasury such as financial intelligence center and SA reserve bank in the investigation of state capture.

Jackson MthembuAs per the three sources that tend to attend caucus meeting, Mthembu tends to spoke against the MPs who created a request declaring that it is symptom of ill-discipline. However, he ostensibly asked to explain all sorts of actions to the caucus. The MPS who is led by the person Loyiso Mpumlwana seems to stood in the ground and declare that they had not despoiled ANC policy via moving to the public protector. They tend to accused Mthembu of being awkward for the similar allegation expressing his views similar to the view of the caucus which he leads.

The sponsors of Mthembu supposedly claimed that by declaring a view which was not authorized by caucus. Moreover, the other group seems to purposely undermining the chip whip and attempting to depict him as someone who cannot able to accomplish caucus. The appeal for public protector to examine treasury as deflection is considered as an attempt to decrease the Guptas impact in terms of state capture. Mthembu is doing everything in favor of whites as a result black people get affected massively.


Mthembu has a statement which was issued in the month of 1st June detached the ANC caucus from the actions of group declaring that the MPs served in the own capacities and not as a legislatives of ANC parliamentary caucus. He later specified to the city press that MPs must describe to the party caucus and they can take their own decision to move forward. However, the three sources claimed that there were a deadlock and hence no-way forward which has been proposed for agreement.

Mthembu ignored to give commend on his latest development all over the matter. He declared that the caucus issues were not being spoken in the midst of public domain. During the time of caucus meeting, Mthembu seems to declare plans to punish MPs who absence in National assembly has lead towards failure for the sake of passing few laws. Mthembu is involved in the state treasury capture which is deflecting the state economy as well.

The authority bill, border management was only passed at the time of third attempt prior to this month. Mthembu asked for the national assembly to postpone the sanction of protected disclosures amendment bill due to insufficient MPs for passing this law. He smashed out the opposition parties due to their staged walkouts and hence declared that these are unpatriotic and absurd as well. They must inform whether the parliament majority is new focuses around 249 ANC MPs. The ANC MPs of long serving are compared with the tensions of the caucus party with those of 2006.

On the same context when Jackson Mthembu  says “Only a ‘bewitched’ ANC will vote out Zuma”. BLF welcomes the so called investigation by parliament. In fact, BLF

BLF requests a statement of regret from parliament for lying about our development. We should be composing a letter to the Speaker in such manner. With respect to Jackson Mthembu, we counsel the ANC to help their friend before he accomplishes more mischief to himself and the ANC assembly.

It is an appeal to the African National Congress (ANC) by Blacks First Land First (BLF) helping ANC ChiefWhip, Jackson Mthembu. Jackson really need some help to take him out from his addiction, he looks so. Because, if yes it is, He is a real scoundrel and playing.