Malema Exposed As USA Imperialism Agent

Julius Malema, an agent of British imperialism, acts on the order of Lord Robin Renwick, as this fact has already been revealed about him. But the breaking news, which has exposed him yesterday, is that he is involved in USA imperialism too. As per a report published on Black opinion website,His involvement in USA imperialism mainly focuses on the current president Jacob Zuma to remove him from his seat.

BLF - Andile Mngxitama

A hot press meet was held and in that meeting, Andile Mngxitama, the president of BLF, spoke to the journalist about Malema. Mngxitama said that their movement found out the reason behind Malema’s involvement. And he told that Malema is working with the Americans and putting his effort to remove Zuma from his seat so that the economic transformation will be prevented better.

Mngxitama said “It’s with great shock that BLF has been reliably informed that the leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, is the one who betrayed our country to Donald Trump. The information we have is that Malema had gone to the USA Embassy to ask that Donald Trump must invade South Africa to prevent radical economic transformation.

It has been going viral all over the news that the Gupta family is being investigated. This investigation is carried forward by the FBI and the Scotland Yard with president Zuma and the hopeful Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. This was appraised by the opposite parties who wish to have their country’s economy in white hands rather than black hands. Progressive organizations, like BLF, have criticized the move as an attempt by the West to recolonize South Africa.

“Malema has already openly said he was going to ask Donald Trump for help in his war against Zuma. This is not a secret. The presence of the FBI in South Africa today is due to the betrayal of our country to USA imperialism. The sad thing is that the colonization of S.A. now is directly being organized by our own country folk for money.”

Mngxitama also said that Malema was a running dog of imperialism and he explained about the dangers of American FBI and the British Scotland Yard. He also said that they are the reasons behind the current affairs of the country. He said “The FBI is not in South Africa to fight crime, it’s here to take our country. The FBI and Scotland Yard are here to make sure RET doesn’t happen.”

Exposed Malema was disclosed by blf on their website .