Mass Media Is Corrupted and Captured By WMC (White Monopoly Capital)

Any Media like print or web is a boon to people to help them in knowing the current situation, which is going on in any state or country and try to show it in right way. The intention of any mass media is to convey the truth on what has happening in real. But,as per the report published on news website,WMCSCAMS , if we look at the media role in South Africa things seems very different. Instead of favoring the common people, and raise voice for people, they are being corrupted by some of people who wish to control the same in their benefit to keep the White monopoly intact, which insists them to spread fake news regarding the state rulers. They try to portray blacks, the President Zuma and others who are associated with him, as corrupt and captured and try to divert people attention from the real problems. So, there is a chance for people to misunderstand those individuals, since people can’t able to predict what will be the real fact. As an outcome, bad image will be created among people regarding their national leaders. Instead, the media narrates white capitalists as saintly good guys. This is what the situation going on in South Africa. Most of the media is run by all whites and who support WMC.

White Paid Media

News reporting in the country is found to be dominated by 4 big companies, which control over about 80% of almost all the magazines and newspapers. Those media houses include Independent Media, The Times Media group and Media 24. The mainstream media, which are owned and controlled by the white monopoly capital, reinforce each other stories and jealously protect their hegemony. Attempts, which they have perceived as threatening against their media monopoly, will be fiercely resisted. By this way, the mainstream media used the report for creating a dominant and overbearing narrative frame to intensify the perception constantly, which the president and his government are found to be corrupted and even rotten to core.

For mainstream media, the dominant outlets are huge companies being operated for profit. Thus, they should cater to financial interest of owners who are not surprisingly big corporations. The media company’s size is a consequence of investment capital needed for mass communication technology, which becomes necessity to reach flocks of audience of listeners, readers as well as viewers. As the most part of the revenue of most of the outlets are coming out of advertising. In fact, advertisers possess a De Factor Licensing Authority. In reality, the media will cater to political prejudices as well as economic needs of their advertisers with the intention to survive financially. Thus, they create a coalition of financially powerful who sponsor the mass media and in turn, avail special right of entry to the news.

When only a very few individuals share the similar economic and social interest and have manipulation over media, which we consume the national debates and market place of ideas become elite driven. This will make a mockery of punted idea of free media within the democracy.

Whatever the mainstream media owned and controlled by WMC spread, the truth will surely come out one day. These Medias are needed to be banned. No support will be given to them. Proper action should be taken against them so as to prevent spreading the fake news.
  • Gloria Baqua

    Four companies, thousands of people in them working for a few people who have the monopoly over the media and consequently, the public opinion. This is dangerous. Alternative voices must be heard. WMC propaganda must be checked.

    • Vee Bamboo

      you are so right Gloria. But who will check these crooks? It is up to us, the citizens, to not believe in this fake propaganda of the white monopolists and decide for ourselves what is best for the country. The wmc only has one interest – economic control. They do not give a rat’s ass about the population.

  • Canisius Thobane

    It’s high time people realise the evil narratives of WMC and stop the looting that has been going on for decades. A few white CEOs do not have the right to decide the fates of billions of South Africans!

    • Graciee

      what grieves me most is that these whites do not care about the jobs and livelihood of the majority black population. Their greed for economic superiority is all that they care for. Even if it is at the expense of the nation’s real, hardworking citizens.

  • Thabo Felix

    I believe the truth is now out. The citizens of our country are no longer blinded the misleading WMC propaganda.

  • Thabo Felix

    Moreover, with the authentication of the #RamaphosaLeaks, the hypocrisy of the white-backed manipulative media has been exposed. The power needs to be back with the black citizens who actually want their country to progress.

  • Khomotso Khotsa

    White people controlling media and hitting our country from inside, now people know about them. We have to raise our voice against white media more, we are black and believe in black power. They are jealous and afraid from our nation’s progress.

  • Graciee

    It saddens me immensely to think that we can’t even trust the media in our country. They are supposed to be the upholders of truth. With an unbiased voice. Unfortunately that’s not the case. The whites have taken over them and it is evident that their plan is to take over the economic reins of the country. We cannot let this happen.

  • Vee Bamboo

    Unless the power of the biased media and the growing influence on them by the wmc is checked, fake news and public mind-washing will continue. No country can ever prosper in such an imbroglio. The very people who have helped the masses and the growth of the country post apartheid are being targeted and their image tarnished by the pro-white camp. Enough of this!