Metsimaholo by-elections; A Political Trailer before the big Picture in 2019

The by-election to be held at the Free State Metsimaholo municipality today can be seen as a step forward towards 2019. The upset South African Communist Party (SACP), for the very first time, will contest against the ruling, African National Congress (ANC) in an election. Dr Makhosi Khoza (former ANC member) can also be seen testing her credibility on the ballot. While many observers say Black First Land First (BLF) should have also participated in the same to make it a complete picture, the coming days will be a treat to watch for all the politically enthusiasts.

voting station

Everyone is curious to know if the SACP and Dr Khoza will be written off through the ballot today. Someone even anticipating, if the SACP will join hands with opposition parties against the ANC after election? Moreover, the Metsimaholo municipality used to be governed by a non-ANC coalition of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Freedom Front Plus (FF+), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Metsimaholo Civic Movement. The coalition did have a narrow victory over the ANC but still couldn’t level out the municipality. Additionally, mayor Sello Hlasa, was further been blamed for being too close to the ANC by the coalition partners. The dispute within the municipality further led to the dissolution of the council and a fresh election call has been made. In regards to ANC, Metsimaholo is a challenge to overcome to get them back to their old glorious time. The trend in by-elections has been that the ANC has been showing the opposition parties flames. The DA and EFF have already hit a new low in all the by elections so far. These parties hope to see different outcomes in Metsimaholo.

The by-elections can be seen constructing the structure for 2019. While Dr Khoza could become a member of Ramaphosa’s new breakaway party if he loses the ANC presidential race to NDZ. The DA, EFF, SACP and Dr Khoza will still analyze what percentage of the vote they collectively can get to assess if their presidential candidate, Cyril Ramaphosa, has a chance in 2019 outside the ANC. This WMC backed coalition can prove vital to stand in front of ANC in 2019. This by-election can be seen making a psychological impact only on either of the parties as a single municipality can’t make much difference in regards to the national elections but it can still be proved a Guiding factor. On the other hand, a victory by the ANC will completely destroy and demoralize the right wing coalition now joined by Dr Khoza and Dr Blade Nzimande. Whatever it’s going to be, it will play a crucial role in deciding who will go to 2019 holding their head high along with their spirits. While WMC supported media houses are predicting their own manipulated results against ANC, while the truth can only be discovered in the days coming.

The Below story is in the reference to an article published on Black opinion website on Nov 29 2017