More Black Voices to be heard now without any hassle with “DotAfro” on board

Very rarely is it found that a black native can voice his/her opinion freely in the country without facing any hard consequences at the hands of White dominance. The Sacking of 3 FNB employees in the past just because they voiced their personal opinions about corruption in the organizational infrastructure are one of the many examples across the country. Moreover, when it comes to Social media, every other native amongst the black people experiences racism online by random modes which further inject the feeling of anger, humiliation or general annoyance amongst them.

DotAfro Logo

In reference to the News Website Black Opinion, DotAfro, a new black social networking site that serves exclusively to the black people, can be seen as a new revolution in this regards. In the words of its creators, Mandisa Khanyile and Tumelo Baloyi, they term it as a “social networking site that is a pro-black, safe space free of censorship.” They further added that, “Some features that make DotAfro unique are that we are Genderless. No men, no women all just human. We have a like and a dislike button. Most importantly we are the first social network to launch voice note for status updates and comments. Our users have a choice they do not have to be limited to text. Lastly Algorithms do not decide who gets blocked/ suspended from the site; the online DotAfro community does. [DotAfro] can be the tool we need to finally unite as Africans around a common agenda. Our slogan is ‘Free Speech is not a Privilege’ and we have provided the platform to ensure it prevails”.

As per them, DotAfro is currently in Beta Test phase and will go live on the 18th of November, 2017. The link to the Beta Test site is The app will also be available on Google Play Store shortly.

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