Most Famous Degree Combinations For Jobseekers Of South Africans

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There is an increasing trend among the students and graduates of South Africans to mix the qualifications as per the job market. Savvy jobseekers knows that today’s job market is hard and they do not fed up with the reality situation as they have power to elevate the existing problem with some mixture of qualifications.

Jobseekers of South African

The present unemployed rate in South Africa is about 27.7 percent which is increasing quarterly. This indicates that people not only lose their jobs but also fresh graduates are searching for job has tremendously increased.

However, jobseekers have to equip themselves with needed skills, education and experience to stand top in the competitive job market. It is essential for students and alumni to adopt extra course to widen their skills in additional to their field knowledge.

Some of the vital skills needed in the 21st century include cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, complex problem solving, decision making, judgment, people management as well as coordination with others. These skills are also considered to be the most sought-after skills to stand top in the workplace. In order to stay competent in specific field, additional skills are vital to shine in the job market.

Adequate amount of theoretical understanding and sound technical knowledge will not serve in the world of work without strong knowledge on complementary skills that shows resilience, versatility and range.

Some of the famous combinations of the qualifications are mentioned below:

  • B.A Degree + Finance

This combination offers the jobseeker with attractive package of salary and hence the candidate obtains expressive skills, strong thinking and reasoning ability in addition to the strong business skills for having leadership position.

  • B.Com/B.Sc (Computer Science) + Project Management/Communication

The candidate who takes these combinations can able to plan, initiate, execute as well as manages a team members in a project within budget range as well as time contracts. In addition to that, the communication skills will influence the team members, clients as well as other stakeholders to attain the company’s goal.

  • B.Com/B.Sc + Business Writing/Introduction to PR

Including writing skills into your competencies shows that you know how to analyze and write business documents and in case of necessity, you can also present internally or externally to essential stakeholders.

  • B.A/B.Ed Degree + Instructional Design Online Course

This combo demonstrates that you can guide in terms of subject matters especially improve the learning experience of the students thereby leveraging the essential combination of educational theory with day-to-day technology.

Almost all corporate training divisions and educational companies want instructional designers to provide effective learning. Some companies prefer to have one who owns strong educational background with adequate skills of humanities.

  • B.Sc + Brand/Marketing Management Short

This combination is quite useful in understanding communication, marketing and brand building. It also accomplishes the need for innovation and creativity which is essential for the sustainability and growth of a company.

  • Any Degree + Additional Languages

Whether it is foreign or local language, which is quite helpful for conversing with people and making them to understand the culture of a specific country will broaden horizons. This combination serves as a worthy addition in your curriculum vitae.