NDZ denies “Vote Buying” tactics amidst Fake Rumors spread by White Media

African National Congress (ANC) presidential contender Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has cleared the air amidst the rumours spread by the White Media supportive factions that her campaign will be directed towards buying delegates before the ANC elective conference around the corner. As per report published on EWN.co.za, she stated that her campaign is not interested in any buying of votes and that she has done enough to sell her Propaganda to those who will be voting.

Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma

It’s worth mentioning here that news was in rounds across the political fraternity regarding the buying of votes by NDZ faction with courtesy of the White media. Meanwhile, the WMC and its peers have done everything possible to defame her and denting her campaign by spreading such false rumours but they have failed in doing so. While speaking at her send-off gala dinner at the Ekurhuleni International Convention Center on Wednesday night, Dlamini Zuma requested members to vote with belief. As per her, “We don’t need to buy delegates; we have worked and we have been to every corner of this country, addressing cadres’ forums, making people understand so that when they elect us, they elect us out of conviction.”She further quoted that the elective conference is not only important to South Africa but to the international community as well. “As branch delegates, they must elect a leadership that represents the aspirations of the South African people”, she said.

Moreover, illicit efforts have started to come in full force by WMC boss Johann Rupert to make their beloved Ramaphosa the next ANC head as The White media channels are regularly broadcasting the news and reports related to Zuma going to impact the ANC Elective conference . The media here certainly seems like forgetting their fundamental duty of bringing the right, real and unbiased news content to the masses and instead marketing the fake propaganda of their White bosses. It’s up to every loyal citizen of this country now to make a call on the same and reject their evil intention at every aspect.