NDZ Rules the Numbers amidst the Fake Predictions by WMC Media Houses

The political battlegrounds have been heated up already for the election of the new ANC  as both the candidates for the Presidential chair are about to conclude with their campaigns and strategies. While the media and specially the WMC supported Media houses are going gaga about the fake predictions giving Ramaphosa the victory among the two, the reality based predictions have finally overshadowed the hoax claims by Ramaphosa’s WMC supporters faction in ANC. Moreover, as per the renowned sources report to the Black opinion website, the numbers very well supports Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma (NDZ) to take the African National Congress (ANC) elective conference next month. As per the website report, it’s been said and we quote, “Black Opinion (BO) has learned from sources close to the process that nominations are overwhelmingly on the side of NDZ. These numbers reflect the status quo currently with almost all the nominations of branches in. The tally stands thus: Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma – 2911; and Cyril Ramaphosa – 1812. From the point of view of numbers Ramaphosa is beaten by a large margin.”

ANC Election Result

Moreover, as per the website, the same source explained that these reports have been leaked to white monopoly capital media which has further made them going through a panic attack ahead of the ANC elective conference  and that could be the reason why their media houses have started writing fake stories about manipulated prediction results and circulating it via random modes to the general public. The reports that are currently trending in the media are said to be quoting Ramaphosa as ahead of NDZ, which is purely aimed towards influencing the ANC delegates before the Presidential elections.

NDZ Wins

It’s worth mentioning here that while Ramaphosa, with his Democratic Alliance (DA) agenda of a “new deal” has probably dug his own grave by doing the same.

Many ANC delegates are now doubting if he can at all push the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) agenda in that manner. The numbers are in front of everyone and we know numbers don’t lie. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma (NDZ) is way ahead of Cyril Ramaphosa. So we can conclude that as of now, even the fake marketing of manipulated results by the White media won’t be affecting the real time results and once the results will be out, the truth will be in front of everyone. Another thing worth mentioning here is that RET has always been the propaganda of the ANC ruling government but it has always been protested by the WMC lobby and that could be the reason it is still a long wanted accomplishment for the people and while Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma is the true flag bearer of the RET as reflected in her words which just not only portray the model of RET, but further push towards implementation of the same on ground level and across every faction of the society which was left deprived till now of the same. WMC may do whatever they can to allude people and the ANC delegates, but the results will speak louder than whatever they are quoting or writing via their White media houses.