NDZ17: A Vision towards a Better and Prosperous SA

The political battle for the ANC presidential chair is now into its final stages .While the whole country is going along under the discussion “Who’s the best person between Cyril Ramaphosa and Nkozana dlamini Zuma?”, both the candidates are giving it their all they’ve got in terms of their campaigning. The nation already know about the corrupt and dirty deeds of Cyril Ramaphosa, let’s have a look at the reasons why NDZ is the best person among the two to lead the ANC and also South Africa.


It’s worth mentioning here that at the African Union’s 50th anniversary in 2013, Dlamini-Zuma lead the path to the “Future SA” by the launch of Agenda 2063 a long-term vision of a prosperous nation after 50 years. Though the implementation of the same would still be up to the member state and it will be a daunting task, she still paves the way towards it amid the unstable political atmosphere around.

She is the first woman to lead a continental organization in Africa which could very well work as an inspiration to all the women in the country and also the world. Though she didn’t get the required support from everyone around, but two women (out of five candidates) are running for AU Commission chairperson this year, and at least one is a very strong favorite to follow in Dlamini-Zuma’s steps. She made women’s rights the theme of two consecutive AU summits and the continental body started a major campaign to end child marriage which, together with similar campaigns by other organizations, seems to be bearing some fruit.

Being the head of AU, she brought the attention of the whole country towards the issues plaguing the continent after former president Thabo Mbeki’s African Renaissance came to an end. At home Dlamini-Zuma was invited to a number of talks during which she spoke on African issues and preached free movement and tolerance from South Africans towards our neighbors. A lot of this is related to her campaign for the presidency, but at least it made South Africans look beyond the borders again.

NDZ is not only an ANC Presidential candidate, but a hope for millions of other women who want to pursue their dreams on the bigger stage and want to make their name in the political arena even in the worst of circumstances. Let’s hope that our ‘Mama” brings more vision and happiness towards all the women, youth and every section of the society through her “People supportive” strategies.