NDZ17: Why She is the Best, Amongst the Rest!

The tug of war for the ANC Presidential chair is into its final lap now and whole country as well as the political experts are still facing the tough decision of choosing the right candidate as the next ANC chairperson. While more thoughts should be put into place about the fact “Who’s the best person between Cyril Ramaphosa and Nkosazana dlamini Zuma?”, instead random irrelevant criteria and lies regarding the ANC delegates to make a choice. Moreover, a lot has been quoted and written about why Ramaphosa shouldn’t be the next president of ANC after his recent multiple affairs expose and further corruptions acts, but let’s have an in-depth analysis with reference to the story published on Iol.za, of why NDZ is the best amongst the both:

NDZ ANC Election

Trustworthy to Youth, Elderly and Women

She is the favorites for almost every faction of South African society, be it women, youth or the veterans due to her clean image. The same can’t be said about Ramaphosa who has already confessed about his multiple affairs with eight women, hence putting forward a bad example being a leader.

A Clean Image without any Corruption charges

Her undeniable record of righteous serving and corruption-free leadership confirms  her image as  a disciplined and loyal ANC member and leader  which is currently needed in the party.

True Supporter of RET

Like others, NDZ does not only talk about RET policy, she instead pushes for a better implementation of the same, with a belief that through better skills development, women and the youth can contribute in a much better manner to the society and the country.

No Fancy Campaigns on her back

Unlike her Counterparts, NDZ don’t have any fancy media campaigns to support her candidature. On the other hand, we all saw various media companies like media24 acting as a PR agencies for Ramaphosa when he got exposed about those extra marital affairs.

Emphasise on Unity amongst the party delegates

NDZ always pushes forward the message of unity towards the ANC factions. She further believes in every ANC cadre to implement the same in their work ethics so the party can serve the country in full effect.

Firm believer of Honesty and Trust

NDZ truly believes nothing will happen until the different sectors of society agree to engage in honesty and trust. This way, she is not showing her back to business or any sector but maintaining the belief of encouraging further engagement to focus on issues which matters.

Combating Economic Evils is her main priority

She might sound like a well confined and conventional person, but on the other hand, she also emphasize on countering the Economical challenges which this country is facing in the process. Moreover, even at her Lusaka Nyanga community address in the Dullah Omar region, she pushed forward the fact that her focus would be more on youth education and women empowerment.