NDZ’s nomination is Historical in context of ANC and South africa

The next president for the ANC will be decided within the next few days and with the ANC elective conference round the corner, history is going to be made. As we talk about making history, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has said to her supporters in Durban that African National Congress branches have certainly registered their names in the history by nominating a woman for president at the ANC’s upcoming national elective conference. In a report published on AfricanIndy website, she also thanked all her supporters for their massive response.

Dlamini Zuma

As per NDZ, “Branches of the ANC and the ANC have made history because for the first time in the life of our organization we are going to have a cadre on the ballot paper for the position of president who, among other things, is a woman. That is already history, it has never happened before. I thank all the branches across the length and breadth of South Africa that have participated in the branch general meetings, all of them, whether they nominated me or not because they have contributed to the first step to making our conference a success”.

It’s worth mentioning here that Dlamini-Zuma was nominated by the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal as their favourite candidate for party president at the conference which is due to be held at Nasrec in Johannesburg from December 16 to 20.She further added, “Whatever happens at Nasrec, history is already made. At Nasrec, we must continue to make history; the conference would deal with a number of issues, including implementation of ANC policy. It was necessary to return from the conference with resolutions that dealt with inequality, poverty, and unemployment. We must start with implementing policies such as radical economic transformation. We must talk about how this policy will be implemented at Nasrec. The country’s economy was owned by whites and whites dominated in all industries. It is not normal that the majority of the people of South Africa are not participating in the economy; it needs to be addressed decisively and urgently. Leadership of the party could only be discussed once discussions had taken place as to who was capable of implementing policies. There would not be space for “agent provocateurs”, because time would be spent debating policy and implementation”.

Moreeover, she urged her supporters to duly accept the outcome of the conference and also requested them to “debate respectfully” during its proceedings. In her words, “We won’t be rude and we don’t expect anyone to be rude. You must always want to find solutions, because there will always be challenges”.