North West Chairperson claims a victory for NDZ; Will still follow the Party’s Ethics

Predictions and Assumptions are doing rounds amidst the ongoing ANC Elective Conference and both the camps i.e. NDZ and Ramaphosa, are waiting for the results to be announced with their heartbeats on full peak. Moreover, as per the prediction of confident North West chairperson Supra Mahumapelo, Dlamini- Zuma will be coming victorious and she had already been asked to extend a hand to the loser.


As per him,” We work with precision and we are experienced in this field of politics and using ‘through the eye of the needle’ to lobby. So Comrade Nkosazana is going to be the president by tomorrow. We have already spoken to her about not being triumphalist. We have already spoken to CR too. The approach is the same – for the two to ‘extend the hand’. As per a report published on NEWS24 website, Mahumapelo was confident of a NDZ victory and that could be the reason he passed down the question regarding the disqualification of 52 delegates supporting Dlamini-Zuma, stating that he “volunteered” their prohibition from participating in the conference. “We volunteered the exclusion from voting because the numbers were just too huge for us to worry on the side of NDZ,” he said about an urgent national executive committee meeting that was convened a day after the high court in Mahikeng barred those delegates – from 32 branches in Bojanala – from attending”, he  said.

Though he further added that it may not yet be finished for Cyril Ramaphosa and the contest will go down to the wire. He stated,” The analysts make a mistake. They look at nominations and say it’s now uhuru. It’s not yet uhuru until you look at every delegate … numbers are just too huge, we have verified them, we have spoken to the delegates. But we don’t want to be triumphalist, we are still humble and we are still talking to comrades to say let’s see things the same way, come to our perspective, let’s work together. We have spoken to them to say come to the perspective of focusing on radical economic transformation and opening up the movement to everybody.”

While asked about what would be their plans for South Africa after this Conference, he said,” We want to be self-critical and for the public to assess us on the things we have been doing. We don’t want to become this enclosed organization where people can’t comment. Those are some of the perspectives or nuances that we are going to be adopting under an NDZ presidency. There are people who said that this conference was going to collapse. Others were saying we are going to throw chairs at each other that we are going to stab each other with knives, fist fighting, credentials will not be adopted, Zuma will be booed, and conference might be interdicted. None of those things happened.”