#NoVoteRamaphosa: Leaked Email Trails Exposed DP Cyril Ramaphosa and His Dirt

Cyril Ramaphosa has become the new symbol of “Being Shameless” and “Disgrace to South African people” after his exposed extra marital affairs with multiple women. “Papa devours me” was a statement made to Ramaphosa by one of multiple women “he had the Extra marital affairs with.” Moreover, Ramaphosa’s response to the same was “Show me those succulent breasts baby. I want to devour those breasts.” These lines are from the raunchy email communication between Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and one of the Eight Young women he got those dirty affairs with.

Ramaphosa Affairs

It’s worth mentioning here that exposed email leaks in one of the renowned Media house WeeklyXposé’s possession, which confirms that the woman, who claims herself to be the granddaughter of Famous music couple, Letta Mbulu and Caiphus Semenya, further asked Ramaphosa: “I want to see you today, I’ll be in the marquee I guess, I want to feed you my succulent breasts.” The emails assure that the couple got in touch last year until February this year. The Emails also confirm that Reabetswe Matseleng Seakeco, a graduate from Cape Town University, had a “Close “relationship with Cyril Ramaphosa until she left South Africa in October Last year.

It must be noted that in an email, sent to Cyril Ramaphosa followed by her half naked picture, Seakeco quoted saying to Ramaphosa: “I’m running out of erotic memories of you, your voice and your… to ease the tension caused by your absence. We still haven’t had that meeting. It’s been long since I’ve heard you say Fa Papa, I’m aroused just now thinking of it.” Although, Documents hold by Weekly expose shows that primarily, Seakeco used to contact Ramaphosa with an email account under her Original name, but late it was changed with an alias in July 2016 named Uhuru Diallo to keep their relationship in Secret Mode.

Moreover, in one more email dated 5 January 2017, Seakeco, putting up likely in United Kingdom that time, softly quotes Cyril Ramaphosa as a reason for her to leave the country. She also blamed him for neglecting and abandoning her. In her words, “I really needed to talk to you about pressing matters at the time. Opportunities presented themselves and I needed to make important decisions regarding my career. I’ve had to readjust and return to the drawing board regarding my education, career development and personal life. I wanted you to be part of those decisions, but your actions were not encouraging.”

She further added: “You are a powerful, wealthy and well-resourced person. If you wanted to get into contact with me, you would have made the means to do so effortlessly Yet you did not.” It’s worth mentioning here that Seakeco is not the only Women blaming and accusing Ramaphosa for bad treatment and being neglected and almost all of the eight women have accused him of doing so.

Further in an Instagram post dated 25 November 2016, where Seakeco is posing with her Grandparents Letta Mbulu and Caiphus Semenya Seakeco says: “Me and the grandparents. Papa Caiphus and Mama Letta. #love #family.” Moreover, the woman also sent Ramaphosa emails attaching her pictures and videos which are still possessed by WeeklyXposé. WeeklyXposé did send some questions to Seakeco on the 27 September 2017 regarding the same but didn’t receive any response. All questions were also emailed to Ramaphosa in private and business email addresses, but he has also not responded.

Article is in reference to weeklyxpose.