Sugar Consumption

What Is The Link Between Mental Health And Sugar Consumption?

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In South Africa, mentally ill patients are suffering from diabetes and being obese in addition to getting the risk of dying young as compared to the general population. So, research…Read More
Robert Mugabe

Defiant Mugabe Confronts Military Coup; Refuses to Step Down

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The political drama amidst the recent military coup in Zimbabwe has taken another twist here on Sunday. While there were speculations around that Robert Mugabe might step down as a…Read More
BLF Support SA

Radical Economic Transformation: The Desperate Call of the hour

Radical Economic Transformation has long been talked about as a vision in support of all the true native of the country. Going into the same direction, the radical black consciousness…Read More
Why NDZ’s appointment as the “First Black Women President” a need of the Hour?

Why NDZ’s appointment as the “First Black Women President” a need of the Hour?

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The Coming ANC presidential election in the country has given a push to various arguments on subjects like Radical economical transformation, Dominance of White Monopoly Capital and so on. While…Read More
DotAfro Logo

More Black Voices to be heard now without any hassle with “DotAfro” on board

Very rarely is it found that a black native can voice his/her opinion freely in the country without facing any hard consequences at the hands of White dominance. The Sacking…Read More
BLF March Support RET

BLF to march in support of Radical Economic Transformation (RET)

While It’s a given that white monopoly capital has almost grabbed the whole country and its economy under its dirty wings, instant action against their deeds is the need of…Read More

ANCWL names NDZ as their choice for ANC President

Dlamini Zuma is rapidly gaining popularity amongst all the factions of the nation currently and there is no doubt she can now be termed as ‘People’s Choice” for the Next…Read More
MRI Accreditation

Women’s Medical Imaging Scan Receives International MRI Accreditation

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The Radiology Department of Netcare Park Lane Hospital in the locality of Johannesburg is the foremost center in South Africa to be awarded for having international accreditation in breast MRI…Read More
Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma

Dlamini Zuma pledges to take on the evils of Poverty and Economic Inequality

The heat is on in the political battle ground of South Africa as the hunt for the new ANC Presidential condidature goes on with full throttle. Meanwhile one of the…Read More
Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma

ANCYL Confronts Standard bank on “ANC Splits if NDZ become President” remarks

STANDARD Bank has just taken a U-Turn to calm down the storm over its report which claims to an unstable future for the ANC party if Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma takes…Read More