Project Sunday Evening: The Centre point of investigation over SARS as a “Rogue Unit”

The Political scenario of the country now seems like a scripted story with its own twists and turns every other day. The recent development on the same came as no surprise where it’s been learnt that the Hawk’s investigation, into Former prime minister involvement into “Rogue” activities being the SARS head, was centered around a secret spying operation termed as “Project Sunday evenings”.

Project Sunday Evening

But before we get into the depth of this whole Saga, we should first get an insight of this “Project Sunday evenings and all the vital characters alongside.

In the late 2014, a series of investigative reports (as they call it) was started by The Sunday Times newspaper for the duration of almost a year. According to them, it was aimed towards unfolding the “Rogue’ facts existing within the SARS.

Some of the reports were said to be focused on “Project Sunday Evenings” which ultimately saw some of the SARS members (termed as Rogue) planted surveillance equipment inside the offices of National prosecuting Authority (NPA) in Pretoria.

This Spying Act has been reported at its peak in 2007 and it’s been alleged that it was sanctioned by then SARS deputy commissioner Uvan Pillay

The So called “Project Sunday Evening” has said to be carried over by Andries “Skollie” Janse van Rensburg, a former intelligence officer who used to be the head of this SARS unit himself earlier.

Reports released by the newspaper ,however termed this as an act of investigation to keep a tab on the  progress with the prosecution of disgraced former police commissioner Jackie Selebi, who then later being found guilty on corruption charges in relation to Huge money received from convicted Drug Dealer Glenn Agliotti.

The newspaper further justified that the other motives of the Spying act includes seeking information about investigations by NPA,  and now disbanded Scorpions team into President Zuma, when he was serving as a deputy of his Current role.

It was even mentioned in the report that the former NPA prosecutor Garrie Nel contracted one of the ‘Rogue Unit” members to install spy Equipment in the NPA’s Pretoria Office.

Gordhan was a whole different subject. Well ,you must be Joking !

As its been reported that Pravin gordhan may not have a direct connection with the unit but the same seems like a big joke keeping in mind the fact that he was serving as the Commissioner to SARS at the time of Establishment of the “Rogue Unit” and Trevor Manuel, the Finance Minsiter that time gave his nod for its Establishment. That’s the reason that HAWKS are now seeking an affidavit from both over the same. The WMC stooges seem like going overboard to save their peer.

In the book written by Former SARS official Johann Van Loggerenberg named “Rogue: The Inside story of SARS Elite Crime bursting unit” it’s been that Gordhan never had any direct involvement in the Unit’s activities in any form, but he completely ignored the fact that it’s quite impossible to run such a High Risk series of acts under his Nose and that too without his Knowledge.

Though, Van Loggerenberg, who succeeded “Skollie” Van Rensburg as the unit’s leader only after the alleged bugging of the NPA’s offices in 2007, was among a group of SARS officials that left the taxman in the wake of the “rogue unit” reports. He is said to be successfully challenge the veracity and accuracy of The Sunday Times’s SARS reports at the Press Ombudsman. The Ombudsman then ordered the newspaper to apologies to Van Loggerenberg for reporting on the “rogue unit” without being able to verify some of the most prominent allegations around the unit’s “rogue” activities.

There might not be enough proofs yet to justify the acts of Gordhan and his WMC stooges over the alleged involvement in the “Rogue Acts” but the same seems like a future possibility as the investigation seems to be going up and running on course in the coming days.

In another report  it’s been said that In a submission to Parliament in March 2015, former SARS spokesperson Adrian Lackay said that the  so-called rogue unit was a formal unit within SARS which was set up, managed and functioned in a manner no different from any other unit. The only difference was that members were allowed to work from home and their activities were kept discreet in order to ensure operational security and the safety of the officials and their families. The “spy” equipment, equipment which is commercially available, was acquired by a totally different unit, which was tasked to investigate internal corruption, he further added.

Lackay also told Parliament that anyone within SARS who tried to counteract the narrative of the rogue unit were “muzzled, bullied, threatened, suspended, and their tenure at SARS made unbearable

The Statements, Justifications, reports and all those allegations would still sound like a “Cover Fire” to Former finance minister by WMC and its allies and  it would be interesting to see how the whole story Unfolds in the coming days.