R125000 home loan write off By FNB and R400 Due on Credit Card and overdraft for DA Councillor

WMC supported media houses might make all the hues and cries in order to push the fact that it’s the Gupta family and president Zuma who are indulged in all the wrong doings around, but by no means are they going to highlight the corruptive acts of their own stooges.

As per the report published on Uncensored opinion,DA Councillor in Ekurhuleni Ward 17, Simon Lapping, was financially down few years back. He was in arrears of R400 on an FNB Credit Card and Overdraft facility, but ironically got paid by FNB with R3,500 just to close these two accounts. Moreover, He was later given a bond of R155,000 by the bank even when he had no job or income, where FNB paid R155,000 into his bond which had an outstanding amount of R125,000. The Bank then paid him the balance of R30,000 in cash.

Simon Lapping

This may well be regarded as a legal way by bank to close down a bad account or a tricky way to silent an annoyed customer, the conclusion is still that DA Councillor of Ward 17 in Ekurhuleni, Simon Lapping, had his bond account of R125,000 now written-off in First National Bank (FNB) books, just so the other small accounts of his can be closed, he says. In the lieu of pushing him to close his smaller accounts which he was in arrears of R400, he got paid R35,000.00 in cash. In an affidavit signed in 2015, Lapping confirms how in 2008, he got into financial crisis and even was unable to pay his credit card instalments and overdraft facilities that went into R400 in arrears. A detailed report published along with an affidavit on a news website named uncensored opinion confirms the further developments onto it.It go as follows:

FNB employed a firm of debt collectors, I believe called BDM Attorneys to collect on the arrears on my account,” the affidavit reads. The collectors harassed him up to ten times a day just to get their R400.

The now DA Councillor sent an email to then CEO of FNB, Michael Jordaan, “threatening to obtain his personal details and to begin threatening him if the harassment from BDM did not get stopped.“The same afternoon, I received a call from Mr Jacque Cilliers, CEO of FNB Credit Card. He requested a meeting. I agreed to meet with him.

“I went through to Bank City in Johannesburg the following morning to meet with Mr Cilliers. There was (sic) about five people. Mr Cilliers, an Indian Lady (their “legal” person), Darryl (surname I cannot recall) and another person who was there briefly”.

In the meeting, Lapping detailed the harassment by FNB and that their use of Non Authentic Early Debit Order (NAEDO) to “grab money” without an authorised debit order was unacceptable. “Mr Cilliers response was. ‘I will give you R100 000 to go away’.”

The DA Councillor says in the affidavit that he explained he had a joint bond account which he had with his wife but that he was going through a divorce. He requested for a few days to think about the offer and in two days’ time, FNB contacted him to establish if he accepted the offer. He responded in the affirmative. He says his credit card and overdraft were cancelled and he was given R3,500.

It was agreed that the balance of the R100,000 would be paid up, when his divorce went through. Some two or so years later, the divorce was finalised and he informed the bank of the developments. The financial institution began processes to ensure that a property, he owned with his wife, would be put in his name to the amount of R155,000.00. “As per divorce agreement I would get my ex-wife’s half share of a property we owned. FNB Homeloans began the process, which I might add they were completely out of their depth. I complained to Dawn Smith about the sheer incompetence….and he set up a new one point liaison for me,” the affidavit reads.

Lapping says part of the provisions made for this transaction were that he could not contact the FNB CEO and the transaction could not be reflected on ITC. In addition, FNB would pay for the transfer fees. “Around September 2011, the property was transferred into my name with a new bond of R155,000 (quite good for someone with no job, income etc). My outstanding balance was about R125,000. A month later in the beginning of October, I paid R2800 into this bond, the only payment I ever made. A few days later, a mysterious amount of R150,000 was paid into my bond therefore leaving me with a credit of approximately R30,000,” the DA councillor continues in his affidavit.

He says he enquired from the bank where the “mysterious” amount came from and the bank confirmed it was made by FNB Credit Card. The R30,000 was made directly to him thereafter, he adds.

In an interview I conducted with Lapping, he says his case was one of several legitimate means by which banks close accounts. Banks close accounts due to bad behaviour (bouncing cheques, inability to service accounts, etc), fraudulent activity on the account, or if someone wants to buy for development, a property which is still owed. He confirmed the authenticity of the affidavit which he claims to have made to assist another aggrieved FNB client, Nico Niemand.

The tone of the affidavit is quite different from Lapping’s tone in the interview today, where he suggested this transaction was above board.”

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    #WMC Financed DA is a corrupt party and it has done many scams,this is just the beginning of the disclosure.

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    What they did was no surprise to me as they are looting this country since long….