Radical Economic Transformation: The Desperate Call of the hour

Radical Economic Transformation has long been talked about as a vision in support of all the true native of the country. Going into the same direction, the radical black consciousness movement, Black First Land First (BLF) is going to hold its Radical Economic Transformation Now rally today in Thokoza. It’s worth mentioning here that RET has always been the propaganda of the ANC ruling government but it has always been protested by the WMC lobby and that could be the reason it is still a Long way to go for the country and its people. Maybe most of the people still think why we need RET for the betterment of the people of South Africa. For all those, let’s take a look at its relevance along with the objectives with the below mentioned points which have been quoted by none other than Nkozana Dlamini Zuma, the ANC president contender and maybe the next First Women President of the country:

BLF Support SA

  • Through Radical Economic transformation, a targeted intervention in the education and training system can be ensured to further equip every school with basic norms and standard to enable learning
  • Resolving the Historical Injustice of land dispossession, so that all south Africans have access to land for housing, businesses and other social infrastructure and can help grow agriculture and agro processing
  • Placing growth, job creation and industrialization at the centre of our macroeconomic policies, along with the mandate of the developmental state, state owned entities, and the partnership between government, business and labor
  • Having a green (environmentally sensitive) approach, with a strong emphasis on unlocking the blue economy as a part of our job creation strategy.
  • For trade to succeed, the whole value chain has to be integrated seamlessly. It starts with raw materials and includes production, processing, transportation, storage and sales.
  • The Role of women in the professions and management and easing their access into mainstream industries should be prioritized.

Moreover, BLF has demanded for Financial assistance from all its true supporters in regard to their rally on Radical economic transformation keeping in mind the huge number of people who will be attending the rally today. As per their statement on their website,” As we speak, thousands of our people have confirmed attendance. We need your help. This is a call to all our people who understand the need to defend and advance Radical Economic Transformation (RET). No donation is too small. This is our struggle, let’s all make a contribution to realise RET. White monopoly capital shall never fund a programme for the liberation of black people. Let’s stand together and demand economic liberation now. RET is land expropriation without compensation now!”They further added that “The mass of our people have responded in great numbers to the Black First Land First (BLF) Radical Economic Transformation (RET) rally tomorrow. BLF has called all progressive people and organizations to meet in Thokoza at Sam Ntuli Stadium in support of the Radical Economic Transformation agenda.”

Its therefore the need of the hour for all the true supporters for economic growth of south Africa to come forward and back the rising flame of Radical economic transformation.