Ramaphosa?? Or NDZ?? : An In-depth Analysis of Both the Candidates for ANC Presidential Bid

The race to be the next president of the ANC, in South Africa, is onto its last few stages, but only the time will confirm, who is going to be there on the Podium, as the battle has gone to its peak. While it is understood that deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and the Chairperson of African Union Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma are the front-runners in the race, but the ANC’s factions are still in a dilemma about whom should they go for.

Ramaphosa and NDZ

Well, as per the report published on business tech news website by researchanalyst at Nomura, Peter Attard Montalto, its been quoted as,” We sense confidence from the Zuma faction that it can win, but this is not 100%. We sense some misgivings over their candidate and that she is there for lack of anyone else really suitable. However the same can also be said of the Ramaphosa Camp, where again there are misgivings internally about his candidature, but a lack of anyone else suitable yet with enough coalescing power”. He further added that, “We have been told repeatedly by the Ramaphosa camp that we underestimate him, and yet in the next breath conceded that the other side will not stick to the rules”. Moreover, after looking at the analysis and as per our own observation or research, we have listed few key points for both the contenders which are as follows:

Highlights of Cyril Ramaphosa’s Campaign

  • Ramaphosa is good in terms of funds, but lagging behind in operational logistics, particularly in campaign staffing.
  • His exposed emails leaks, which confirm his indulgence in multiple affairs with 8 women, has completely taken his candidature to the biggest low. That could be the reason, why he is staying low on campaigning with only lots of speeches in his kitty.
  • While the recent leaks in “Paradise papers” saga also dragged his name in the acts of money laundering and tax abuse to offshore havens, this could be taken as another big blow to his dream for being the country’s leader.
  • He does have a proven background in the political arena and this could well work in his favor. That could be the reason why he is receiving good response “on the grounds” in the country.
  • Though, Ramaphosa always talks about attracting huge foreign investments for further growth in the country, his alleged alliance and closeness, with most white companies, could work against him in the coming elections.

Highlights of Dlamini Zuma’s Campaign

  • According to Nomura, Dlamini-Zuma seems more well funded than his counterpart, and is further ahead in operational logistics and staffing for her campaign.
  • The Dlamini-Zuma camp is using the key point of “Lands for the Natives” upfront in their campaign, which could well work in their popularity amongst the masses.
  • Dlamini-Zuma is not receiving the desired response ‘on the ground’ around the country, but still her supporters are more of “People will strong Opinions and ground base” kind, which can overcome that void.
  • While it’s been said in the analysis that Dlamini-Zuma will be benefitted from all the “Political conspiracies”  by the supporters of both the factions, these tactics will play a major role in securing the majority in 4500 ANC delegates at the conference.
  • Moreover, Because of the current structure of the ANC, Dlamini-Zuma can clearly be seen as a winner, with a whopping 60% chances for her victory.
  • Also the best thing can play the biggest role in her victory, which is her “Clean Image” as compared to Ramaphosa, who is currently dipping down in the sea of Various allegation, where people often calling him as a “Womenizer”.

While, it’s a given that many things can change in the next few days and only time can tell, who is going to grab the reputed Chair, as the battle is now reaching its climax and it’s up to the people to decide, whom they want to see as their leader. A well analyze report done by business tech website to compare all the good work done by both the candidates, #NDZ17 or #CR17 and it proves that NDZ is the best.