Return Of Past Violence In The South African Province

In Kwazulu-Natal, the unending political killings have raised the spectrum of apartheid-fuelled violence, which enthralled the province in the late 1990’s and 1980’s resurfacing. Even, some heightened tensions were roused in the death of SifisoMangaqa, who is the former member of ANC Youth League.

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The current violence is believed to be related to the politics, in which councilors are found to be embracing factionalism and struggling with powers too. There may be a great chance for the spreading of political carnage. The province will degenerate to being the capital of the political assassinations. A new culture of politics is referred to be manifesting itself in the changed economic and political conjuncture. In short, the politics of biceps has come up. Rather than thinking of using their brains, the comrades may be increasingly thinking using their biceps and bellies.

An alleged killing:

The smell of a political foul is gradually rising as there were eight lives snuffed out in six months using a barrel gun. The region of Harry Gwala has started to be burning due to the killing of KhayaThobela who is the former speaker of local municipality. A few days later, Thobela was ambushed and killed in his home. Two men get arrested for that alleged killing. But one among the suspects has come out on bail, whereas the other one applies for bail. This will ultimately collapse the case. Even, Thobela’s children were also getting death threats from the anonymous people.

Business interests and politics motives:

A month later, KhayelihleMgcwaba was killed. He was the former ANC councilor of Mzimkhulu municipality. Both Mgcwaba and Thobela were close comrades. Another ANC councilor, Tshibase was also shot down in his home after a suspicions month, while ANC branches were waiting for an official nod to host a regional conference. Then, the killings were moved to the neighboring Richmond municipality where the councilor of Richmond, SifiscoMkhize was found to be killed by the gunmen. No one has arrested for the murder of Mkhize. Even though the community thinks in different versions why Mkhize was killed yet business interests fuelled by political motives are supposed to be the reason behind this.

A continuous wave of violence:

More than that, the people would also unwilling to help police during the investigation. The killings in the Richmond are just like an echo of the bloody past or may be the starkest reminder of violence happened in the early 1990’s during which scores of people’s lives were lost. After the assassination of Nkabinde, the violence enthralled the Midlands town get abated. After a short silence in the continuous wave of violence, news came regarding the assassination of Magaqa, the ANC councilor together with two other fellow councilors namely NonstikeleloMafa and JabulileMzizi from the municipality of Mzimkhulu.

Appointing Moerane commission to investigate killings:

Between the time when Magaqa was shot dead, ANC had lost two more politicians. In the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, the former ANC councilor Maphumolo was killed by a huge number of gunmen. In the recent days, another branch leader and councilor of ANC, KwazikwakheMkhize was shot down. The current violence will be linked to whites who are jostling for power and trying to lead a dominant party in the country. But, the current government will have the political will to identify the murderers and get a right solution to save the nation. Further, the Moerane commission has been established by the government to investigate the killings and even, continue to avail briefings regarding the progress while dealing with the politically related violence. With the help of the state-of-the-art technology and a strong partnership that engages a dedicated team to represent different law enforcement authorities, some of the arrests had been made.
  • Audery Ngobeni

    This is as low as it get. So now we are funding economic terrorism in order to capture the place of the ruling party. This is the misery of South Africa that in place of generating routes for employment, these people are encouraging terrorism as a profession.

    • Mapula Masilela

      so true..with no jobs and the employment sector in a chaotic mess, it is not long before the frustrated youth take up arms or create unrest. Most of this has been caused by the vile wmc media whose only purpose in this country seems to be widening the divide between the races.

  • Graciee

    It saddens me to see the state my country is in. Thanks to the greedy minority who brainwash the citizens and the black community to take up arms against each other.

  • Graciee

    Violence begets violence and some men, like these white monopolists, love to watch the country burn, as long as they can get money and power out of it. Economic terrorism at its worst.

  • Thabo Felix

    Malicious and unsettling news and rumours by the wmc is creating rifts among our own. This is what they want. Let’s not plunge into a civil war due to the greed of a handful of monopolists.

  • Vee Bamboo

    This is so disheartening. Internal rifts due to external manipulations. As young black citizens it is up to us to peacefully and sensibly form our opinions without being distracted by the surrounding noise of the untruthful media.

  • Mapula Masilela

    Now we see the real power of the pen. The vile media spreading defaming rumours and alarming fake news have made the citizens panic and resort to violence. Unless this is checked, the pro-white camp’s strategy to divide and reign will succeed and we can say goodbye to being economically independent and strong.