Richer more than Guptas in South Africa – Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer

Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer are two rich South African businessmen who have the wealth of the total population of the black people of South Africa. Johann Rupert is the chairman of Swiss-based luxury Goods Company. He made his total income through his business and made him be the richest of all the Africans in South Africa. Nicky Oppenheimer was the former chairman of De Beers diamond mining company and former Deputy Chairman of the Anglo-American Company. He uplifted his net growth of wealth by making tremendous business in his diamond mining industry and in the Anglo-American company. Both of them were ranked at a higher level among the richest African businessmen such as Gupta Family and so on. Their growth in their business can be a milestone but the thing is, the black people in South Africa suffers a lot due to various atrocities were done by these two people for their becoming wealthier. Now let us see what are the problematic issues and atrocities done by these two people to the black people for becoming wealthy.

Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer

Problems and atrocities were done by these people to the Black people of South Africa:

1. Even though their wealth is a business which is developed and organized by them but some miscellaneous works are performed by some of the Black people of South Africa due to the pressure which is given by the white monopoly of South Africa. Many people were died due to the heavy pressure of work given to them and not being paid the exact wages to the people.

2. Cape Town is the beautiful town of South Africa contrasting wonderful scenery of land and mountains. Most of the black people live in this town and considered as their hometown. But in this beautiful town, the black people live an unhappy life by making themselves sheltered in dull squatter camps. Due to their delayed payment of wages and their work pressures which are given to them they don’t have enough expenditure to construct and live in a house.

3. These white people made their wealth from the direct support of the apartheid government and due to which they made their total control over black people by making oppression and land dispossession of black people. The owned lands of black people were totally grabbed by these white people and they don’t even feel sorry for these illegal tasks and activities did against black people.

4. If a person has done a task by mistake, he should provide the thing which he has mistakenly taken or taken without anyone’s permission. But these white people have not done it as by mistake, they have done a big blender. They haven’t returned back the lands which they’ve stolen from black people. Making themselves (white people) wealthier is not important, it should not be done by making wrong and illegal activities like this.

5. Every businessman’s wealth contains a big part of human/labor work. Likewise, here these white people have not even paid reparations to the black people family who had lost their menand women in the mines during working for these white people which show that their wealth has no humanity and lacks compassion for black people’s struggle.

white monopoly capital

It’s very embarrassing to say that South Africa is still facing so much of problems due to discrimination is done by these people of a white monopoly of South Africa. Even though black people know their problems faced by them, they are still making their daily task by getting involved in the work given by these illegal, inhumane white people of South Africa. Black People should make a task of getting practiced by themselves to form a separate set of income, business to indirectly suppress the white monopoly of South Africa.
  • Martiz

    Every sector in South Africa is in the Clutches of White Monopoly Capitalists, despite this, White Media accuses Guptas for ‘State Capture’.