Role of Media In Hiding The Corruption and Scams of WMC

Former SARB director Stephen Goodson has discussed about the Sifiso Mahlangu during the direct talk show in the News ANN7 Channel. He added during his speech that Reserve Bank Decisions are being massively influenced by 4 topmost private banks such as which are mainly responsible in stealing the economy of the south Africa public. He also reveals that government must create state bank for the welfare of the people. Media is taking vital role in hiding appropriate information from public, rather than benefitting the common people, and seems to be corrupted by WMC which forces them to spread false news against the state government and black favoring people and divert the real attention from real cause. They try to portray finance minister and others connected with him as corrupted and captured. So, there occurs for a chance for the people to easily misunderstand about these people, and cannot able to reveal what is the real situation prevails in the country.

How Media Hide The Corruption Of WMC

Due to the false news spread, bad image was created among natives of South Africa about their national leaders. Rather, the media describes WMC as good humans and favoring them in directly. This is the present situation taking place in South Africa. Many white owned big companies has dominated news reporters and it controls almost 80% of the state newspapers and magazines. There are many proof and incident that show the ill intention of the same.

Media houses which are under WMC control are The Times Media Group, Independent Media, The Mainstream Media, Media 24 and others. These media companies are threatened by the white monopolists and work in their favor. The main stream media has used the report for developing a dominant as well as overbearing narrative frame so as to intensify the awareness constantly, that the government and president are considered to be corrupted and even rotten by money.

Media Responsibility In Hiding ImportantFacts

For mainstream media, the prevailing outlets are massive companies being run for the sake of profit. Therefore, they have to gratify to the financial interest of owners who are not astonishingly large corporations.

The size of the media company is a result of investment capital required for mass communication technology that turns to be necessity to attain flocks of listeners or audience, viewers and readers.

Most of the channels are coming out of advertising due to the most part of revenue. Obviously, advertisers have a De Factor licensing power. In actual practice, the media will serves to the need of political prejudices and economic requirements of their advertisers with the purpose to survive financially. Therefore, they develop a partnership of financially powerful who can sponsor the mass media and obviously get special right of entry to show real news.

Only a few individuals share the economic and social interest similarly and also have manipulation over mass media. Even if the mainstream media controlled or owned by WMC, one day truth will come out. That time, surely media will be blocked or banned by natives of South Africa for spreading fake news so far.