SACP Will Never Line-Up With Anti-ANC Revealed By Nzimande

The south African communist party or SACP informs that by no means, it will agree with anything which creates hazard to the Tripartite alliance-though it have chosen to meet with the President Jacob Zuma ahead of ANC for motion of no confidence.

The party informs delegates during its 14th national congress that it was yet waiting to meet with the ANC calls for Zuma to resign for being state head.

Its General Secretary ‘Blade Nzimande’ also informs journalists that the party members will not go in blindly.

Blade Nzimande

The SACP along with other alliance partners have revealed a lack of confidence in Jacob Zuma

He has also been stopped from speaking at any of their actions. Plenty of attempts to horde bilateral talks as well as an alliance council yet the statements have been unsuccessful.

Alex Mashilo Views Regarding SACP Align With ANC

The constitution of SACP is very clear. All SACP members who take part in fraternal organizations are obeying by the decisions made by those organizations. It was written down in the SACP constitution and the constitution of SACP was not amended, revealed by Alex Mashilo- spokesperson of party

Mashilo also said that he was not prepared to guess on what party’s leadership would have decide when it arrives for motion of no confidence.

There are numerous considerations to develop because the SACP has to protect against its own constitution from being violated, due to that reason only alliance meetings are important.

Mashilo declared the motion, which was glinted by Zuma’s late-night cabinet reshuffle, was not brought out by ANC or SACP however brought by opposition parties, but he said that he was seeking to eliminate liberation movement with its allies and not just the president.

These opposition parties have revealed that in fact, their goal is not the elimination of president; their goal is remove ANC together with alliance. It is proposed that three elections must be held, said by Mashilo.

He also added the Julius Malema-EEF leader, had continuously called by ANC MPs as coward, for pushing for the voting in the motion to be done using secret ballot system.

No Chance For Elimination Of ANC

Mashilo said although, he did not recognize what decision the SACP office bearers as well as MPs would think; they were in the ANC as the representatives.

He said that as long as SACP was in association with ANC, there were no means that they could support for the dismissal of the governing party.

It is sure that SACP which seems to be an alliance partner with ANC will never-ever create an agenda to eliminate the ANC.

The national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa of ANC told the media personalities that there were new plans to be meet soon but included that there were plenty of other commitments, including the SACP national congress in July and ANC’s policy conference in June.

He says that we were directed by conference of national policy which we continue to have bilateral with alliance partners in order to strengthen the alliance.