South Africa Must Bring Success Itself By Renovating The Leading Business

Gupta FamilyRight now, South Africa is facing struggles in terms of economy and it will be the surety to face the financial ruin because most of the banks are under the control of white monopoly capital.

Due to the white monopoly capital, about 1000+ people are having the problem of unemployment as this situation will shut off the banks thereby leading to national outcry as well.

“Without any written announcements, the banks will close the bank accounts because of the alleging financial irregularities that have decreased the country economic condition drastically. Because they are Black?

The Guptas business has invested more than 10 billion rand in South Africa which has made many to get angry however this matter does not reflect on his business. Oakbay dealing with the bank accounts has to be investigated fully and the outside of the case does not involve in the matter.

The Gupta business is being examined for about 72 cases in terms of alleged financial irregularities and not for any other fraudulent or criminal transactions. For the white monopoly capital, one case of wrongdoing is enough to give punishment to Gupta since number count does not matter.

Oakbay investment case has ruined his bank accounts as a result non-white company like wide Middle East, Arabian Gulf and many more are hesitating to invest. The country holds the potential to turn as the powerhouse of South Africa but it has been stuck with stagnations. Only few people have owned too much of wealth. About 3 people from South Africa have possessed similar wealth of about 50 percent of population.

South African Economy Shrinks

  • Due to the growth of unemployment and shrinks in economy, certain things turns to be quite harder. It seems very hard to expect South Africa becoming into a “basket-case” similar to Zimbabwe. However it will takes place unavoidably in case of wrong decisions are created towards the self-destruction path.
  • The country is now losing its grade on investment rating and might have severe ramifications like foreign investors who possess rules that cancel owing junk bonds. As a result, it will lead towards chastening IMF bailout.
  • It will appear as some of the presiding ANC party which reach-out of the foreign investment whereas there is a country to perform investment after South Africa salvation. Most of them admit that the country is not selling itself well in the country of Middle East thereby arguing that only having an embassy in state of Arabian Gulf.

Improving Wealth Of South Africa

The money will not come easily to the country of South Africa whereas the South African has to go for the money as well as make the investors towards the country to view its massive potential.

There is a plenty of opportunity for the businesses of Middle East in South Africa especially in mining property, agriculture and financial sector.

Irrespective of the infrastructure decline, there is a sufficient left for considerable improvement in the success of the country. Millions rand ought to be invested in roads, railways and pots which in turn will drastically improves the capability to efficiently export the goods as well.

  • Joy Roberts

    An almost incomprehensible badly written article. Written by someone with a hatred of all whites. Probably a Gupta stooge.