Steinhoff vs BLF

BLF Initiates Police case on Steinhoff

The corrupt act at Steinhoff has left the whole nation into a shock stage and whilst the silence of major business authorities is point to be discussed, many investigative agencies…Read More
BLF Support and DA Scams

BLF to go legal against mass evictions in Mamelodi by the DA

Mass eviction of the blacks has always been one of the main constraints in the mission towards Radical Economic Transformation. While WMC has always tried its best to threaten the…Read More
BLF Support SA

Radical Economic Transformation: The Desperate Call of the hour

Radical Economic Transformation has long been talked about as a vision in support of all the true native of the country. Going into the same direction, the radical black consciousness…Read More
BLF March Support RET

BLF to march in support of Radical Economic Transformation (RET)

While It’s a given that white monopoly capital has almost grabbed the whole country and its economy under its dirty wings, instant action against their deeds is the need of…Read More
BLF Support

BLF Support Zama Zamas Struggle To Get Back Their Recognition

Black first land first supports the legitimate demands being raised by the artisanal miners called Zama Zamas. Since, they are the members of Macua (Mining Affected Communities United in Action)…Read More

BLF Up to Avenge Biko’s Murderers

Steve Biko has been regarded as one of the flag bearers of the Black consciousness movement in the country and often been termed as “Father” by the natives of the…Read More
SA Corruption Banks

Strong Case Framed Against 18 Banks For The Sake Of Serious Offences, Corruption And Collusion

Black First Land First (BLF) has the same opinion with the Competition Tribunal-every case must be handled with its own merits. The case against the 18 banks seems to be…Read More